Wednesday, September 28

The Ibex 35 continues to rise, driven by electricity

The IBEX 35 advances at this time by 0.54% at 8,666.57 points. The best is for Iberdrola, which rose 1.86% to 10,213 euros, Naturgy (Gas Natural) rose 1.76% to 28,870 and Endesa rose 1.46% to 20,494 euros.

Iberdrola, together with Siemens Gamesa, have signed contracts for the maintenance of about 2 GW in 69 wind farms in Spain and Portugal. It involves the maintenance of 1,963 wind turbines with between 660 KW and 3,465 MW of unit power over a period of between three and five years.

Also increases for Acerinox, Laboratorios Rovi and Repsol, which increased by more than 1%.

On the negative side, the biggest falls were for Siemens-Gamesa, which fell 1.26% at 21.15 euros, Solaria, which fell 1.11% to 17.35 and PharmaMar, which fell 0.86 % at 56.23 euros.

Within the Continuous Market we see falls for ISE, which is more than 3%, followed by Audax, with a cut of 2.9% and Soltec is down 2.27%. On the positive side, the biggest advances were for Aperam and Faes Farma, which rose more than 3.5%.

At the business level, Airtificial subscribes a capital increase for 14 million euros. As announced by Airtificial this Monday, 155.6 million shares have been subscribed in the framework of a capital increase for a nominal amount of 14 million euros.

In the rest of Europe, the DAX rose 0.63% to 15,934.45 points, the CAC 40 advanced 0.35% to 7,165.18 and the Italian stock market recorded a 0.73% rise. The EURO STOXX 50 rises 0.36% to 4,303.21 points. Rebounds that seem to underpin the end of the year rally, as we have commented with Pablo García, from Divacons Alphavalue.

It should be remembered that yesterday the London stock market was closed, yesterday and today, for a local holiday, something that is always felt in the activity of the continental squares.

In a session of very low trading volume, the main European and US stock indices closed higher, with the S&P 500 marking a new all-time high, the sixty-ninth of the year.

Specifically, the DOW JONES Ind Average rose 0.98% at 36,302.38 points, the S&P 500 registered an increase of 1.38% to 4,791.19 and the NASDAQ 100 rose 1.59% at 16,567 , 50 units.

At the sectoral level, the good performance of the technology sector both on the European stock markets and on Wall Street, driven by the strength shown by semiconductor companies, while the utilities sector was the worst performer during the session in both regions. On Wall Street, in addition, the energy sector values ​​ended the day with strong gains after the upward turn in the price of oil during the session.

The relative strength shown Monday by western equities, at a time when Covid-19 cases continue to rise in most countries, it makes us think that it is feasible that we will finally attend what is known as “the Christmas rally” in these exchanges, point out the Link Securities analysts.

They point out in this regard that, despite the many conjectures that are usually heard about when the aforementioned rally takes place, on Wall Street it is considered that, if it occurs, occurs during the last five sessions of December and the first two of January. “This seasonal phenomenon is difficult to explain from a fundamental point of view, although from a statistical point of view it is unquestionable.”

About the new variant of coronavirus, the british government chose yesterday not to take new restrictive measures in England – the local governments of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland had already increased the restrictions before. In addition, the French Government, despite presenting a battery of new restrictions, these can be considered very moderate when compared to those that the executive of President Macron has been implementing since the pandemic began.

The good tone in the European stock markets is expected to continue this Tuesday when they open this morning, although the low volumes of activity make it difficult to determine how the market is going to behave.

Other markets

Today we see significant increases in Asia after the industrial production of Japan. The data of November industrial production has jumped to 7.2% in Japan, compared to the 4.8% expected and from the previous 1.8%. The Nikkei rises 1.37% to 29,069.16 points. Also advances for the Shanghai compound, 0.39%, the SZSE Component added 0.77% and the Hang Seng increased 0.05%. Seoul’s Kospi is up 0.69%.

The markets have also been pending of the declarations made by the Ministry of Finance of China, which advocates strengthening fiscal policies in order to revitalize the country’s economic growth, fiscal policies that will be coordinated with more lax monetary policies by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

This type of announcement is what many investors had been waiting for for a long time, who feared that, if the authorities of the country did not act, China’s economy could end up suffering a “hard landing”, something that could have a very negative impact on global economic growth. Therefore, we believe these statements are good news, which should be well received by investors in western stock markets, they point out from Link Securities.

As for oil, we see the futures of the Brent barrel with advances of 1.36% in the 79.25 dollars and those of the West Texas add 1.51% until the 76.70 dollars.

The euro rises a slight 0.03% and is exchanged for 1.1327 EUR / USD.

Bitcoin falls more than 3% at $ 49,052.7.


Day without too many macroeconomic references: in Europe, the data of Spain retail sales for the month of November, which has risen 4.9% in year-on-year terms, according to the General Retail Trade Index corrected for seasonal and calendar effects published on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). In October, retail sales showed a variation of -0.7%.

And already in the US, the data to follow will be the price index of S & P / Case-Shiller House for October and consumer confidence from The Conference Board for December.

In the absence of significant macroeconomic references, investors will be very attentive to the evolution of the pandemic in the different regions and the possibility of their implementation. new restrictions, especially in Asia, where the Omicron variant is already “arriving”, although, for the moment, the cases are limited.

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