Thursday, September 29

Top 5 Wall Street Stocks Hitting the Christmas Rally at 52-Week Highs

“The dates between December 18 and January 4 are the ones that have closed the most with a positive balanceSince, in total, of the 71 Christmases that have elapsed since 1950, 58 have closed positively in the S&P, that is, 81.69% ”, explains the GPM fund manager, Ricardo González. The Wall Street indices closed on December 21, 22, 23 and 24 with gains.

“Seasonal patterns are there to offer a guiding, rather than an operational, view of the markets. These data are good to know how the market has reacted to similar situations, but when it comes to operating the important thing will always be the technical aspects that show both the markets, as well as the sectors and the values, ”says González.

But, what values ​​are triggered at this time? Shares of Cisco Systems, McDonald’s, Applied Materials, Cadence Design and Infosys Sp ADR are at 52-week highs. The technology company Cisco has experienced a spectacular revaluation since October 30, 2020 and accumulates an increase of 76.3%, the same as the fast food chain that accumulates an increase of 80.2% since March 20, 2020. The Chipmaker Applied Materials is up 277.6% from April 3, 2020.

Cadence Design Systems also posted a spectacular rise of 205.55% since March 27, 2020. The Californian company specializes in computer software, founded in 1988 by the merger of SDA Systems and ECAD. Infosys ADR is an Indian technology company that enters the Christmas rally up 194% from its lows on March 13, 2020. The stocks that are at 52-week lows on Wall Street are UTStarcom, Capstone Green Energy, China Fund, Celsion and Acorda.

At 52-week highs on the Spanish stock market there are stocks such as Naturgy, OHL, Rovi, Renta 4 and América Móvil del Latibex. At a minimum of 52 weeks, stocks such as those listed on BME Growth such as Testa, Arima Real Estate or Robot move.

In the case of the German Dax, at highs are Merck, Aurubis, GlaxoSmithKline, E.ON y Synopsys, while at a minimum there are SolarWorld, Rhoen-Klinikum, Brickell Biotech, Constantin Medien and Bezant.

In the case of the French Cac at 52-week highs are Schneider Electric, Alten, Mersen, Akka and Advenis. Archos, Parrot, Alliance Develop, Societe de Tour Eiffel and Neovacs are the worst performers at the end of the year.

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