Wednesday, September 28

Why is Alphabet a must-have company?

Alphabet is on its way to close the year as one of the technological values ​​that has performed the best in 2021. Just look at its graph to appreciate the upward behavior of the company, which accumulates increases close to 68% so far this year.

According to Ignacio Pérez, manager of GPM International Capital, if you could only invest in one company, this would undoubtedly be one to look at.

Among its positive aspects, the company has a strong competitive position, as it is a leader in digital advertising together with Meta. The rest of the competitors are very far from these two.

Another aspect to take into account is its high growth and that it operates in a future business, since the growth of online and cloud content continues to increase constantly.

Also note that the company has its own ability to raise prices without losing sales, which is positive in an environment of high inflation.

All of this, along with Alphabet’s significant financial strength, make it a value to consider.


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