Thursday, September 29

A firm from Vigo acquires all the octopus caught in January under the MSC seal

The Galician company Alfrío does not fail in its commitment to the octopus that is fished in the West under the blue seal of certified sustainable fishing Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The Association of Shipowners of the Octopus Fishery with Sustainability Certificate (Arpesos) decided to open this campaign by making monthly auctions and the first lot auctioned, that of January, has once again been acquired by this company based in the province of Vigo.

The vice president of Arpesos and senior patron of Viavélez, Jose Manuel Garcia, is satisfied with the prices reached in the aforementioned auction. They prefer not to disclose the exact amounts out of respect for the buyer, but indicate that “a good price has been achieved, similar to last year.” Last season, a monthly auction was also chosen, unlike in 2019, when they opted for the entire sale of the entire campaign, bought, by the way, also by Alfrío, who has been a regular in MSC bids for years. . “This year at the moment we are going to sell month by month,” confirms the franchise owner.

This first auction of the season, open on December 6, It was held a few days ago in the Puerto de Vega shipping guild and “four or five” companies participated. Although the campaign began in December, the fishermen agreed to sell what was caught this month by the brotherhoods in the area and start the external sale in January.

García says that, despite the bad expectations at the start of the campaign due to bad weather and the downward data of the last two years, the first days have been quite positive. “Time is not good, but lThe boats are being able to get their daily wages with days of between 80 and 90 kilos of catches and sometimes up to 100. In principle, things are going quite well, but it has to follow the weather and you can see how it is, ”says García from his boat. However, it is still too early to make a serious evaluation of the campaign, as it has only just begun and will last until June 15.

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Currently there are five brotherhoods attached to the MSC blue seal and they have a fleet of about thirty ships. They are within Tapia, Viavélez (El Franco), Ortiguera (Coaña), Puerto de Vega (Navia) and, the last to join, Luarca (Valdés). In fact, One of the novelties of this campaign under the MSC seal is that the weighing of the octopus has been authorized in the Valdesana brotherhood. Arpesos representatives insist on the idea that “the more we are, the better” and that is why they try to get other brotherhoods in the area where octopus fishing is allowed to adhere to the quality seal. In fact, in the list of boats there are boats from a total of seven brotherhoods of the Northwest.

The octopus management plan operates in Asturias between the Eo and San Esteban de Pravia estuaries and has the same conditions for all vessels, whether or not they operate within the MSC quality seal. Fishing must be carried out only during daylight hours, with vessels having to return to port before five in the afternoon and it is forbidden to exercise between five in the afternoon on Friday and twelve at night on Sunday.. It is authorized, of course, that the pots remain set with bait during the rest period of the sailors. The catch quota in this campaign will be 10,000 kilos per vessel, and cannot be transferred between vessels.

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