Thursday, September 29

Almudena Cid breaks her silence after knowing that she is separating from Christian Gálvez



If a few days ago it was Christian Gálvez who gave his first words through his social networks after knowing his separation from Almudena Cid After eleven years married, it is now the former gymnast who has spoken in an interview.

He talks about love in generic terms under the pretext of the play in which he participates. «Photocall flashes, like questions about your personal life, are something alien. They are moments, instants. The important thing is your day to day, where a thousand things can happen ”, said Almudena Cid in an interview with El Mundo

And he continued: “It is something that you do not control, that sometimes hurts because it is misunderstood or because it is not reciprocated and other times it makes you float.

That happiness is ethereal, it is not constant, it comes and goes, it comes and goes. And we believe that love is permanent and you realize that it is not, and then sadness returns and then love returns again. It constantly agitates us.

For his part, Gálvez wrote a few days ago on his social networks: «I am tremendously grateful for everything I have experienced and learned so far. Now, little by little the illusion for all that remains for me to live and learn will settle in me. Thank you all for the love and respect shown these days and, especially, to my 9 roses. Happy Holidays”.

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