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Atrys Health finalizes details before going to the Continuous Market

Atrys Health, a Spanish multinational specialized in precision medical prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment services, about to reach the Continuous Market, is presented as one of the best options for those investors who are thinking of including the health sector in their portfolios .

Among the reasons that make the company shine we find its annual revaluation, which is already around 15% until it capitalizes more than 626 million euros as listed on the BME Growth market.

Added to this is the exponential growth of Atrys since it went public five years ago, in July 2016, with a price per share of 1,504 euros. If we look ahead, the company’s share price is already around 10 euros, which means that in these five years, Atrys share has appreciated by around 600% and it has done so in a period in which the IBEX 35 has done so by just 2.4%.

“Atrys has done well on the stock market because a company that crosses the axis of technology with that of health … it is its moment.” Santiago de Torres, President of Atrys Health.

At the income level, the turnover of Atrys has gone from 4.5 million euros in 2016 to 45 million in 2020, and, only during the first quarter of 2021, it has registered a proforma figure of 85.1.7 million euros, almost double that of the entire financial year 2020. With regard to EBITDA, in just 4 years it has gone from 1.1 million euros to 13 million in 2020, and, again, only in the first half of 2021 the behavior of this indicator has been even more positive and has exceeded 10 million euros. In five years, Atrys has grown from 44 employees in 2016 to 2,121 professionals today.

The president also highlighted that “the data for the first half of 2021 presented at this meeting reflect the strict fulfillment of our objectives, both in terms of revenue and EBITDA.”

Only in the last two years, Atrys has incorporated into its perimeter companies such as ITMS, AxisMed, Lenitudes, Radio-Onkologie Amsler AG, ICM, Genetyca-ICM or ASPY, which have allowed it to enter new markets, incorporate complementary activities or establish strategic alliances with companies such as Sanitas – together with the one that has just announced a new Institute of Advanced Oncology in Madrid -, the Portuguese hospital group Lusiadas or the Champalimaud Foundation, a pioneer in the development of advanced biomedical research programs and treatment techniques for high precision radiation.

“So much negotiation has allowed us to incorporate more and more investors and, in this way, we have been able to grow with extensions to incorporate more companies to Atrys. We have incorporated 13 companies in three years ”, declares Santiago De Torres.

Jump to the Continuous Market for the first quarter 2022

At its last Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting as a member of BME Growth held on December 10, Atrys approved the adaptation of its corporate governance model to align with the demands, standards and good practices of the continuous market, to which it plans to give the jump in the first quarter of 2022.

De Torres hopes that this price change will allow Atrys “scontinue creating value for our shareholders, consolidate our international expansion, continue to carry out transformational operations, reinforce our capacities to sign scope agreements with other actors in the health sector or redouble our innovation and research activity ”.

In presenting his Strategic Plan, Santiago De Torres made clear his intention for Atrys to be part of this great market by 2022, “due to size, size, negotiation and the interest of international investors who are interested in entering Atrys but who they tell us that when we are in the other market. “

He also explained what the strategic objectives of the group for the next exercise and highlighted the following:

  • Expand the group’s presence in Europe through acquisitions
  • Accelerate diagnostic automation by incorporating artificial intelligence tools to reduce costs and improve diagnostic quality.
  • Improve data analysis through Smart / Big Data.
  • Introduce new services in Europe: Such as teleconsultation or monitoring of chronic patients.
  • Listing on the Continuous Market to improve liquidity and entry of international investment funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Optimization of the balance sheet structure and optimization of non-productive assets.
  • Continue creating shareholder value through organic growth, implementation of synergies, and inorganic growth.
  • Streamlining of strategic agreements with healthcare groups.

“We will make a capital increase next year, not at the exit, but after time we will make a capital increase to continue growing inorganically,” said the president of the company.

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