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Batet blamed PSOE and UP against Lesmes for his pulse with Marchena




The president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, He hid himself in the pressure of PSOE and United We Can to justify his fight with the president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, Manuel Marchena, for the disqualification of the former purple leader Alberto Rodríguez. He did so before the Chief Justice, Carlos Lesmes, on October 21, in the letter in which he requested clarification of the sentence imposed on the former deputy.

“The Board, by five votes in favor and three against, has deemed it convenient to request clarification from the sentencing Chamber on how to duly comply with the provisions of the judgment,” says the letter, which ABC has had access to. , Y

in which Batet calls on Lesmes to transfer it to Marchena. The latter had written to him the day before asking him when Rodríguez would begin serving his sentence.

Those five votes in favor wielded by the president of the Camera made reference to PSOE Y We can in front of the three members of PP Y Vox in the table. However, there was never such a decision by this body, not even a vote as such. At that meeting on December 21, the different members of the Table they exposed their positions and, after more than two hours of debate, Batet ended the conclave by stating that he would make a decision and communicate it to him “as soon as possible.”

Previously, the Chief Counsel of Congress, Carlos Gutierrez Vicén, had indicated to those present that the resolution on the withdrawal of the seat corresponded solely to the Presidency and not to the entirety of the Mesa.

In fact, the first vice president, Ana Pastor, the fourth secretary, Adolfo Suarez Illana, both from the PP, and the fourth vice president, Ignacio Gil Lazaro, from Vox, they ended up finding out that Batet decided to ask the Supreme Court for clarification through the media. Gil Lazaro during a press conference in which he announced the opposite: that the president of the Congress
he would immediately withdraw the seat from Rodríguez and would not ask the Supreme Court for clarification.

Batet therefore tried to collegiate before Lesmes a decision that corresponded solely to her, regardless of the existence of pressure from PSOE Y We can. She herself claimed it later before the purple formation after disabling Rodriguez. After that change, Podemos demanded that she call a meeting to vote on it and the president of Congress refused, arguing that this decision was solely up to her.

The president of the Chamber closed her letter to Lesmes with very good words and pointing out that the clarification that he requested from Marchena only sought to “give a complete and exact answer” to his writing, regarding the beginning of the sentence imposed on him. Rodriguez. A question that does not correspond to what she herself had expressed hours before before the Table. That October 21, he assured those present that “from the first moment” he had the “conscience” that Rodríguez’s conviction it did not end with the payment of a fine to avoid jail.

There will be no refund

Despite the fact that more than two months have passed since then, Rodríguez’s case is still alive. The former number three of Podemos reopened the battle on Tuesday, demanding that Batet return the status of deputy “without further delay” and arguing that his sentence expired on December 5.

In addition, he accused the president of the Chamber of having illegally deprived him of his seat and insisted that his sentence was “unjustly imposed”. From the Presidency of Congress they anticipated that Batet will reject the request and both from the Electoral Board as the lawyers of the Chamber consulted supported the decision. Rodríguez is not intimidated and prepares to go to the TC.

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