Sunday, October 2

Buildings with centralized heating pay gas 175% more expensive than other homes




The increase in the price of gas is causing a loss in the economy of communities of owners with centralized heating, since they are obliged to contract gas in the liberalized market and cannot benefit from the much cheaper regulated tariffs.

As explained the professional association of Property Administrators of Madrid (CAFMadrid), the price of gas in the Iberian free market in the month of December oscillates at 95.50 euros per MWh, to which must be added the toll and the trading company –around 20 euros-, that is, 115 euros / MWh, In other words, 0.1155 euros per kWh, therefore well above the 0.042 euros kWh in force for the TUR rate established by the Government for the regulated market.

That is, 175% more expensive.

This professional association has calculated that a neighbor of a building with individual heating can pay about 453 euros in gas bills per year. With the same consumption, a neighbor with centralized heating would pay 924 euros, more than double.

For this reason, CAFMadrid calls on the Government to regulate this issue on an “urgent” basis so that the communities of owners, until now considered as large consumers, can benefit from the regulated market and thus be benefited with more competitive gas rates, as is the case with small consumers or individuals.

And they add that these communities had not contemplated in their annual budgets these price increases and “It leaves them no choice but to spill to meet this extra expense”.

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