Saturday, October 1

Fluidra: Approaching Key Resistances

The price of Fluidra It is attacking the upper side of the bearish channel, its violation in a daily close would represent a sign of strength, being able to resume the primary upward trend in the background and end the consolidation process that we have been in since July 2021.

The breaking of the resistance at 36.35 euros would be very positive, since it would end the short-term downward trend to begin a new rise towards the area of ​​all-time highs at 38 euros per share.

In the MACD oscillator it indicates divergence with respect to the trend of the price, thus, it guarantees us more reliability in the strength of the asset if the price subsequently confirms the resistance breaks.

Fluidra on daily chart with average amplitude range (upper central window), MACD (lower central window) and trading volume (lower window)

Fluidra on a daily chart with a medium and long-term analysis template.

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