Wednesday, September 28

Hackers stole $ 9.8 million worth of cryptocurrencies

Great year for the cryptocurrency market with more than important appreciations, but also in terms of robberies by hackers with $ 9.8 trillion in 2021. Being 73% of the same occurred within the DeFi, according Arman Shirinyan en U Today.

A) Yes, 7 billion dollars were illegally extracted from the DeFi, according to the SlowMist annual report.

The company indicated that there were 231 security incidents tracked on the blockchain. The losses from all those incidents total $ 9.8 billion. With more hacks and scams happening in the DeFi industry almost every day, the number mentioned above could exceed the $ 10 billion mark.

Among those 231 incidents, approximately 170 cases were linked to decentralized applications or the decentralized financial sector, including 15 exchange security breaches, correct public blockchain hacks, three wallet security related issues, and 35 other hacks or scams.

Small and large chains involved

While most of the hacker victims were relatively small chains or projects, there were some major chain-related security issues present in 2021. The blockchain BSV became the victim of a 51% attack in which a person owns more than 50% of the voting power in the chain and is able to manipulate the entire chain of blocks in their favor.

Even larger networks like Ethereum Classic have become victims of a fork that appeared due to a vulnerability in the Geth client code from Ethereum. In less than two weeks after the Ethereum Classic issue, the Solana network got disconnected for 17 hours due to a service attack. But fortunately for its users, the attackers did not steal funds.

Regarding decentralized and centralized exchanges, the two most notable attacks in 2021 were carried out on Cryptopia and the Liquid Exchange hot wallet. Due to the attacks, a total of almost 100 million dollars in tokens and coins. The value of the lost funds could now easily be multiplied by 1.5, which makes the results of the attack even more concerning to users in general.

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