Thursday, September 29

IAG, what are your immediate goals based on your chart?

IAG (Iberia) has been one of the main values ​​of the year, very impacted by any news that has emerged about the coronavirus. Courage is at the mercy of any news about the pandemic.

On a technical level, the value is at an important point such as 1.70 euros per title, according to explains Diego Morín, IG analyst. Look for the closing of the bearish gap, around 1.80 euros.

As long as it is still above the zone of 1.60 – 1.50 euros per share, the next goals you have in the short termFirst, close that gap and then see if it has the strength to conquer 1.90 and then 2 euros per title.

On the positive side, preliminary studies on the omicron variant shows that it is less severe than the delta variant, which could be a relief for airlines, if this allows restrictions to be lifted and travel to be recovered globally.

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