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Ibercaja Gestión and its winning funds in 2021

Ibercaja management, the manager of the Zaragoza bank Ibercaja Banco, and has more than 30 years of experience in asset management, is made up of 40 highly qualified investment professionals. The volume of equity amounts to 18,038 million euros at the end of November, distributed in 106 investment funds (according to Inverco data). It currently reaches a market share of 5.79%, which compares favorably with the 5.5% quota a year ago, thus allowing it to be located in the fourth position, behind Caixabank AM. Santander AM and BBVA AM.

The evolution of managed assets is very notable. Going from about 8,648 million euros in November 2015 to those mentioned above, which means an increase of 108.6% or 13.03% CAGR, when the industry has been 6% CAGR or 40% peak -tip.

What’s more, Ibercaja management also ranks fourth in terms of management fees in the first half of 2021 (according to data from the CNMV), reaching 73.9 million euros, which is 28.2% higher than those collected in 2020 and 35.4% than those of 2019. BBVA being the manager with the highest amount in management commissions reached in the first half of 2021 (226.3 million euros), followed by Santander and Caixa.

As to commissions transferred, the Zaragoza manager occupies the sixth position in the first half of 2021, having yielded 25.2 million euros, which represents approximately the 0.13% of the average assets managed.

What were the funds with double-digit returns in 2021?

Starting by looking at the categories of funds with the highest deposits and repayments of the Zaragoza manager, it is observed that The Long-Term Fixed Income category was ranked number 1, with deposits of around 1,218 million euros (in the absence of December data), only surpassed by Caixa with some 1,664 million euros. While the Short-Term and International Fixed Income and Guaranteed categories were the ones with the highest exits.

Now, among the funds with the highest returns, there are 6 mixed funds, a value fund and a growth fund, as shown below:

However, there are 3 funds that are the best positioned by quartiles. Two of them at the end of the second quartile for profitability and are Ibercaja Health and the Ibercaja Europa Star, Meanwhile he Technological Ibercaja it is located very close to the first quartile. Among the main positions of this fund, some of the FAANGs stand out, with Apple weighing 9.92% in the portfolio and being the share that contributed the most profitability to the portfolio in the last month, together with Meta Platforms (the former Facebook) with 7.72% weight and with a contribution to profitability of 0.43% in the month, Alphabet with a weight of 9.12% and a monthly contribution of 0.34%, Microsoft with 9.47% of weight, Nvidia with 4.16% and that curiously detracted profitability in the month. The greatest regional weight is in North America (81.5%), followed at a distance by Europe and Asia (14.8% and 3.7% respectively).

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