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Igea, against Mañueco by land, sea and ‘networks’




“Liar”, “coward” and “calculating” are some of the qualifiers that Francisco Igea (Cs) ha lately dedicated to the one who until just a few days ago was his government partner, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP).

And it is that, since the leader of the autonomous government decided to break with Citizens and call early regional elections on February 13, hiding behind the “Betrayal” of the orange party, the major anger of the former vice president and spokesperson of the Board has turned into ‘attacks’, both in his public appearances, in his interviews, and on social networks, a tool that Igea has been a regular since his arrival at the policy and that you are now using to

doesr a ‘marking’ to the one who had been his companion of fatigue. Now, both will be adversaries in the appointment with the polls, since they will once again be candidates to preside over the Board for their parties.

If Mañueco boasts of the Community’s achievements in vaccination against Covid, Igea instantly reproaches him via Twitter that this has been thanks to the work of the previous Ministry of Health, in which Ciudadanos put Verónica Casado in front.

“Thanks to the immense work done by our health workers and the organizational and management work of our Health Department. A counseling that you have just beheaded“Said the leader of Cs in a publication, in which Mañueco was ugly that he had not even” looked into the eyes “of the previous team to communicate his dismissal.

Message on Twitter from Francisco Igea in response to a post by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco – TWITTER

Precisely with the Minister of Health, one of the most visible faces in the pandemic, he has compared the president on several occasions, referring to an interview with Verónica Casado. “The contrast between the humanity of a devoted counselor and the repulsive coldness of a calculating coward», He declared.

Multiple are the comments that Igea has made these days about the interventions or statements of Mañueco in which he leaves palpable his ‘anger’ with the one with whom he signed a government agreement back in June 2019. «What is it that you don’t have anything else What candidates without a word? Sánchez does not appear in these elections, a liar appears in these elections and you have chosen him, “he assured to accompany a tweet from the PP, which he used to criticize that the popular are focusing their speech these days on that the next regional elections are a battle against “sanchismo.”

Social networks have also allowed Igea to denounce what Fernández Mañueco’s strategy presupposes when calling elections, thinking more about his “interests” than about the community. And it is that, the electoral advance in Castilla y León, responds, assumes Igea, to the desire of Pablo Casado – president of the national PP – and of Mañueco himself to “take advantage of the polls” without taking into account that the country and the community are going through the sixth wave of the pandemic. Regarding a publication by Ignacio Rosell, the secretary of the region’s expert committee, about the soaring growth of infections, the Cs representative reproached the popular leader that, despite everything, “the urgent thing was to pay attention to the polls and convene choices to satisfy Pablo ».

Igea also considers that the intention of the PP is to change Citizens for Vox. And that, he said, “is to condemn this country to its worst nightmares. A real leader does not carry a calculator in his pocket, a leader should carry hope. The mediocrity of the PP will make him hostage to fanaticism and intolerance. Another of Igea’s “weapons” has been to dismantle the “lies” that, according to him, the president has told to carry out the elections. Of course, on December 24, he congratulated him on Christmas.

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