Saturday, October 1

It was not an innocent



There are three ways to lie: deny the truth, make up another story and with statistics. The Prime Minister has used the first two profusely, to the point that today almost no one believes him and those who do are complicit in his lies or believe that the children come from Paris or Brussels. So, for the last of the year, which is also the fattest, he has chosen the third option, statistics, a science that few dominate and most swallow in order not to recognize their ignorance. Which makes us suppose that he allowed himself to be advised by an expert in his environment, where there are no shortage of advantages.

It is about camouflaging your prediction that, in order to

year, the electricity bill did not exceed that of 2018, something that seemed impossible given that the megawatt hour then cost a quarter. The formula has been revealed in ‘El País’, nothing suspicious of anti-sanchista, JS González in a rigorous analysis of the Government’s accounts on the price of electricity, which I quote with my congratulations. To begin with, he attributes it to three factors: the Government makes the average of all households, those with a regulated price and those with a free rate, more volatile. Then, it discounts the inflation of those years, apart from eliminating a series of taxes, starting with VAT and ending with electricity, with the extra-peninsular costs and the financing of renewable energies in between, which were weighing on that receipt, while expanding the electricity social bond that lightens it. Without saying that 10.5 million families will not enjoy these discounts as they are not entitled to them, and will even have to pay more, calculating that their last bill of the year will be “the most expensive in history.” That really is an innocent, and not the one who sold a streetcar!

Does it surprise you? Not me. No, because this man lives in the lie and is maintained thanks to it, as of the 38,400 million euros destined to Catalonia, 40 percent of the extra financing to the autonomies, denounced Monday by ABC. Meanwhile, Madrid does not receive a penny and they even try to prohibit the key tax cuts of its economic flourishing. By the way, neither Galicia and Castilla y León, governed by the PP, receive one euro of those funds. It is how leftists and separatists understand equality and ruin nations. If you look closely, their first objective is the bankruptcy of the country they govern; the second, to eliminate freedoms and, with the population dedicated to seeing how they manage to eat, to remain in their armchairs. What am I exaggerating? Ask, if you can, a Venezuelan, Cuban, Nicaraguan and, if you can’t, a Pole or Hungarian. But never to a Spanish leftist, who will invoke the Nazi danger, when they are the greatest threat.

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