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Latest sports news for today Wednesday, December 29



Be informed about the news of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to those readers who want it, the best summary of the Wednesday, December 29 right here:

Mbappé, on his future: “I only have in mind to eliminate Real Madrid in the Champions League”

Kylian Mbappé, after being named as the best player in the world at the Globe Soccer Awards, has given an interview to the US network CNN where he has reviewed the news of his career. Despite the fact that the Frenchman will be able to sign for any team on January 1 for next season, as he ends up against in June, he has ensured that he will not change his mind in the winter market and that the season will end with PSG: «It is not time to talk about my future.

I only have in mind to win against Real Madrid in February and March. No, in January I will not go to Real Madrid. I am going to finish the season with PSG, with total security. I want to give everything to win a great title for the fans, I think I deserve it.

Barcelona awaits the help of the Premier

The two priority exits in which Barcelona works can find accommodation in the Premier League, if the interest that various clubs maintain in is confirmed Samuel Umtiti y Philippe Coutinho. The high record that both players perceive is the great obstacle for them to agree to terminate their relationship with the Barça club and leave during this winter market. Neither the French nor the Brazilian enter into the plans of Xavi Hernandez Furthermore, Barcelona needs to lighten its salary mass in order to comply with the financial fair play of the League and adequately reinforce itself in the positions it considers essential. Newcastle y Arsenal could be the destinies of these two footballers, since the clubs have the economic potential to approach their hiring, although the case of the Brazilian would be focused more towards a transfer in which Barça would get rid of paying a large part of the token, which is of 24 million euros.

Formula 1: The three best moments of the 2021 World Cup for Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has his sights set on the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. New rules will come into force that seek to equalize the teams and make the races more exciting, and the objective of the Asturian driver and the Alpine team is to take advantage of the fact that the counter is Zero for everyone and fight for the wins.

Ómicron puts the League in check

The variant Omicron, protagonist of the sixth wave, has emerged as the most contagious of the coronavirus pandemic, and its effects also hit hard in the League, where the suspension of a match of the next day is already observed as a real possibility due to the increase in positives among players.

The dribbler, a profession in danger of extinction

“Soccer is the game of deception, you threaten to leave here and go there, and the opponent goes to the other side,” he said. Diego Armando Maradona on one occasion. What would soccer be without the liars, without the trileros. Because apart from the spectacular nature of a goal for the squad, a head jump or a precise center, the emotion and ephemeral beauty reside in the overflows, in the pipes, in the impossible plays in which you have to see ten times the repetition to really know what the magician has done. Our imagination is full of these artists: from Diego, Garrincha The Meroni, until Ronaldo, Neymar The Messi; characters sometimes disheveled, sometimes correct, with an exorbitant wit. However, in a football more mercantile and uniform than ever as it is today, the flourishing of these players is a really complicated undertaking.

Spain seeks the triple crown amid the generational change

The facilities of the Higher Sports Council, located near the Complutense University of Madrid, have been converted into a bunker. The center of high performance, which houses dozens of the most promising athletes in the country, has been the operations center of the Spanish handball team since Monday, as the group prepares its imminent landing in the European Championship, to be held in Hungary and Slovakia since January 13. Spain arrives at the appointment with significant casualties and a major task, that of obtaining its third consecutive continental trophy, something that only Sweden has achieved, and that of validating a generational change that has been announced for a long time. The days pass between a suffocating intensity on the court and long video sessions in the rooms, while the Covid generates a calm tense by the fear that a positive generates. “You are left without European”, wielded some players. Despite the tension, there is also time for advertising commitments. To warm the atmosphere, yesterday the players left the balls and the resin to wrap themselves in ancient armor, swords and battle paintings. Years go by, but the continent’s most dominant team does not reject the call of the war horns.

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