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Miguel Ángel Muñoz: «It is difficult to prepare for when Tata is not here»




All stories have an ending, even love ones. They do not expire, because the memory is preserved, but they inevitably end. Luisa Cantero knows it, that if she resists “God take her away” it is only because Miguel Angel Muñoz, whom he cares for since childhood. Now also, by force, he is conscious, who finds it difficult to imagine a world without her.

They are separated by 59 years, almost a lifetime, but a glance is enough to cut the distance, to say those kinds of things that can only be expressed without words. They couldn’t be more different. She listens to mass while he does yoga, he is so patient that he is restless by nature. Miguel Ángel Muñoz needs to learn all the time.

To sing and dance for ‘Un paso forward’, to cook in ‘Masterchef’, to jump on a parachute. But no one has taught him to live without his Tata. It’s hard to prepare for when you are gone. Thanks to her, I think I’m going to be calm, for having done everything I could, for having enjoyed it to the fullest and for having had the opportunity to have been able to experience such special moments with her, ”says Muñoz in an interview with ABC.

With Luisa cantero (97), the years weigh but it is as if time did not pass. They have known each other since he was three years old, when she took care of him because his parents worked and they couldn’t afford an outside person to do it. He is not a direct relative. It is not the aunt, it is not the grandmother, it is the Tata and she has been everyone’s great “, says Muñoz, who recalls how she hung on his arm when he went to school.

Cantero is her great-grandmother’s sister, and she has shown that sometimes the family is not born, it is made, and that “the most important love story of your life does not have to be romantic.” «It is unconditional. It was there when we created this that has never separated us. I have always had the need to be close to her, to worry about how I was and she, to follow me throughout my life, “says the actor, who makes his directorial debut in ‘100 days with Tata’, that prevailed in the Forqué to the film by Jonás Trueba.

The award – “this is dead,” said Luisa when she saw the figure – will end up at Tata’s house, like all those the interpreter has won. “For the first time, at 97 years old, they have given him the most important award, which is also the most important of my career,” explains Muñoz.

The good must be savored calmly, but sometimes the best things are born from the improvised, even from the rush. The original idea of ​​’100 days with Tata’ arose ten years ago, as a result of a couple of scares – first a faint and then a stroke – that made him see that, despite being eternal for him, not even the Tata of Miguel Ángel Muñoz is immune to the passage of time. “Tata is very old and she won’t be around forever,” reflects the actor, who began the documentary as a therapy to do together with Luisa Cantero the things that were pending before he died. «It was terrible, because the great gift of life for Tata is her head, she is tremendously intelligent and it works great for her. It’s a shock when she’s fine and suddenly it doesn’t work, ”admits Muñoz, who accompanied her to the cemetery where her mother was buried and to the Mérida amphitheater, which she hadn’t seen for decades.

And the pandemic arrived and Miguel Ángel Muñoz had to return to Cantero all the care that she lavished on him when he was little. At first with caution and even modesty, especially when undressing her. Then naturally, like that “special bond” that unites them. She, who did so much, allowed herself to be done. They learned from each other, they got to know each other differently: he bathed her, dressed her daily even if she didn’t leave home and even turned her into an ‘influencer’ with ‘CuarenTata’. “Deterioration is difficult to accept and I have been dealing with this for many years. It costs me a lot. Perhaps that is why my involvement with her is very great, because I feel that, the closer I am to her, life is a little better, within the difficulties that lack of independence has. But it’s terrible ”, admits Muñoz, who took an intensive course of care for the elderly during confinement. “Her is an extraordinary example of how to grow old and accept life and death. How you have to be in life so that, even though you need help, people not only feel it as an obligation but also really want to do it, which is my case. Everything I do for her does not cost me.

They spent a hundred days together, locked up but living “quality time.” He painted her lips for the first time, they dressed up as a nun and even taught her what tickling her feet was. “It’s just that no one had ever touched me there,” says Cantero in the feature film, where he laughs, but also gets angry when the new director tries to throw a photo frame. It’s genuine. Genius and figure. He is very special, he is a character whom you want to look like, who has a lot of charisma, who is good but has many points, ”he acknowledges.

The tenderness of Miguel Ángel Muñoz with his Tata is infinite. She returns it with compliments. “Handsome,” “oh, I love you,” she tells him while he asks her to dance. “A pastible”, she starts in front of the graphic media during the promotion of the feature film. “Look at the energy he has with more than 90 years, you caught it ten ago and it is a whirlwind”praises the director. For the actor, a non-stop, the world stops when she is near. Luisa, who only looks at her Miguel, returns the gesture with caresses on the cheek.

What began as a need, to prepare for the inescapable, ended up being “a hymn to life and a recognition of the elderly. A small tribute to these people who created this country, who suffered the war and who today cannot be so well cared for, as is the case with my Tata ».

‘100 days with Tata’ it is the intimate portrait of two people, “from the depths” in their way of having fun, from the time they go to bed until they get up. It is a gift from a grandson who is not to a grandmother who is not either. The eyes with which Luisa Cantero gazes spellbound at Miguel Ángel Muñoz are returned by him through a camera.

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