Thursday, September 29

The bag of this December 29

The mini rali or consecutive days of increases were cut short. After rising 5.4% in five sessions, the bellows of the stock market fire stopped blowing arguments to purchases and the balance seemed to prevail. The decrease of 0.17% was more like tables than corrective in a year in which closing with annual revaluation is enough reward for both ups and downs and fever of pandemic uncertainties. But the markets remain divided between those who fear the coronavirus above all else and those who sense that the commotion and restrictions on the movement of people will end after the first week of 2022. But if we stick to the current effects, the rise of contagions has led in Europe to an escalation of restrictions in Europe. In France and Greece, for example, telework is once again imposed, with a clear impact on the hotel industry, leisure and commerce. In the ‘parquet’ references are missed and certainties are lacking. The Asian lighthouse is too unpredictable to be reliable and raw materials have proven in recent times that informational bombs aren’t stopping as a refuge. The New York Stock Exchange may be too high, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is too reliant on an automotive industry in times of transformation. General economic growth is taken for granted, but no one agrees when it comes to establishing volumes, amounts, percentages and terms. That is the main attraction of the bag.

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