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The best 360º rotating car seats with Isofix

We come to show you what we think are the topswivel car seats with Isofix. The type of restraint indicated for the belts in swivel infant car seats and any child restraint system with belts. They stand out for their ability to modify the position of the child as he grows.

And it is that swivel car seats with Isofix can be placed in front position when the child grows. From the 15 months old or 9kg weight, children can travel in a forward position, facing forward.

Anchors or belts of type Isofix can withstand the effort of retention of a time up to 37kg. This type of safety system necessary for baby belts was developed by the Volkswagen brand in 1996 for its VW Golf IV model.

The most important thing when choosing, and how could it be otherwise in the case of any of these swivel baby seats with Isofix, are the materials. This type of baby seat is made to absorb impacts. Dampen the hits Y prevent injuries.

Take a look at this list and choose the swivel car seat that you think best suits your needs. All the ones that you are going to see, as in all our recommendations, are part of the best valued offers on Amazon and that have stood out for their number of sales. Safety first.

Isofix swivel car seat

We start with this swivel car seat with Isofix run by Xomax, it is one of the highest rated on this list. This swivel car seat with Isofix includes function 360º to place the child in both front and rear positions.

His restraint harness from 5 points It presents an extra sling for the normal car belt. It is an Isofix swivel car seat with washable upholstery and easily removable.

The padding can also be removed for machine cleaning. The best thing is that this purchase serves for all childhood stages, it adapts to a body weight between 0 and 36 kg. It also features height-adjustable headrest.

Child car seat with Isofix

Is child car seat with Isofix It is one of the offers highlighted by Amazon within its category. It is a child car seat with Isofix is ​​equipped with a reducer cushion that adapts to the morphology of the newly born.

This child car seat with Isofix is reclinable up to the maximum regulation of 165º, providing the baby with the greatest comfort. It is a car seat for children with Isofix that grows with the child.

It incorporates 360º rotation, so that it travels backwards first and when it is a little older forwards. Your system protection4 SIP absorbs the impact of side and rear impacts. Distributes the force of the impact and moves it away from the child’s body.

Swivel baby car seat

The Car seat for baby 360º rotatable de Lettas is another offer that undoubtedly stands out for its number of positive evaluations.

Fits all 3 age groups, until the 12 years and in this case it offers 4 reclining positions. With inner pad for newborns, it can also be used from 0 years old, from 0 to 13kg.

In addition, the headrest of this 360 ° rotating car seat can be adjusted in 7 positions different The 360º rotation is perfect to get the baby out of the car very easily.

Isofix child car seat

Is child car seat with Isofix Sidney’s is also evolutionary and adapts to the child’s growth. It is a child car seat with Isofix that makes the easiest life.

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to its support leg, fundamental for travel in reverse when they are smaller. It is indicated for newborn children and up to 36kg in weight.

The system of reinforced security SPS of this child car seat with Isofix offers protection against side impacts. Its headrest adapts to 8 heights and can be reclined in 4 positions.

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