Sunday, October 2

The Board will maintain presence in the classrooms after Christmas




The spokesperson for the Board, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, has ruled that Castilla y León will continue to bet on presence in the classrooms after the return of the Christmas holidays, because it also did “in the worst moments of the pandemic for sure.” “The fundamental health problems were not there,” he said in Los Desayunos de Ical, where he stated that “many times our students are safer in classrooms and with more control than doing other types of activities.”

Carlos Fernández Carriedo has defended that the system “has worked from the presence and is not an essential source of contagion in the Community”In addition, he said, they are “intensifying the vaccination campaign for minors.”

The spokesman counselor has insisted that they will maintain their presence in this course and has reviewed that measures have already been adopted reducing the number of students per classroom to increase distances, which forced the hiring of 1,300 new teachers, along with the use of masks, or CO2 meters. At this point, it has taken the opportunity to demand a Covid fund from the government again to face expenses greater than this supposes.

Carriedo has also analyzed and has not ruled out that new measures may be adopted on the economic sectors. Thus, he assured that “measures will be taken according to the circumstances that we have at all times.” “We cannot rule out the possibility of any measure,” he warned.or, to influence citizens to be cautious and to “strictly comply with the regulations”, keep their distance and use the mask. “It is very important,” he stressed.

The president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has also defended that from “minute one” the institution has opted for presence in the classrooms and has recalled the 100 million to reinforce all preventive and security measures, to which it has added that only 2 percent of classrooms have been confined. At this point, Education sources explained that 2.15 percent of classrooms were isolated before the start of the Christmas holidays.

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