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The cities choose to readapt the parades before the advance of the Covid




Since January 2020 the Three Wise Men from the East have not been strolling through the Galician streets handing out joy and sweets to the children of all the councils in the large and striking floats, but in this 2022 they will return in a big way, all the councils confirm it. The lack of control of coronavirus infections of Christmas last year, which culminated in the hospitalization of more than 1,300 people for diseases derived from Covid at the end of January, forced the cancellation of the Kings parade shows throughout the territory. This year the situation in hospitals is much more controlled, but the record of active cases prompted the Xunta to take measures last Tuesday to control nightlife on New Year’s Eve – open until 3:00 – a ‘no curfew’ and, with regard to the horseback rides on day 5, he recommends make them static.

But for the moment, it’s just a “recommendation”, and although the majority of Galician cities will choose to readapt the float show due to the high incidence of Covid, not all will celebrate it statically. In Orense and La Coruña the councils confirmed this Wednesday that the format will be the usual one: it will be the Kings and the floats that move, instead of the public and against health recommendations. “The municipal government understands that this activity can be carried out in its traditional format in a safe way,” they transferred from the Orense Council. In the case of the Herculine city, its councilor, Inés Rey, explained that due to its large population, they ruled out the option of making it static: “It will cause crowds of people where it is installed and control is extremely complicated.” However, they plan to tighten security more than usual and increase vigilance over the use of the mask while the event is taking place. On the other hand, Rey confirmed that the extras of the different floats – which will ultimately be less than planned – will be required to test negative for Covid 24 hours in advance.

In PontevedraOn the other hand, the nationalists opt for the maximum precaution, and although the criticism towards the Xunta for the latest measures has been sharpened by the Council, the concelleira de Festas, Carme da Silva, confirmed this Wednesday that they will follow the recommendations of the autonomous government : «We will choose to make it static in the Plaza del Concello if the Xunta considers that this is better, ”da Silva explained to the media, assuring that they were already testing that idea before the announcement by the councilor Comesaña. In addition, the council informed that also throughout that day there will be “animation groups” through the streets of the city and during the queues that the boys and girls will have to do before meeting the Three Wise Men. Also Santiago bets on the static parade in the Obradoiro, but reschedules the concert of the Paris de Noia orchestra on New Year’s Eve to “other dates,” reported Mayor Bugallo.

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In Vigo There is still no concrete plan for the parade: in the olive city they have listened to the recommendations of the clinical committee, but the final decision on the celebration of the 5th will be announced on the first day of the year, Abel Caballero reported this Wednesday: there will be a parade static in the morning, but “we will have to decide if we will do it in motion in the afternoon” or, on the contrary, they will follow Sanidade’s recommendations.

«At the moment it is too early to advance a concrete plan »in Ferrol, sources of the city council advanced. The same occurs in many other cities, such as Lugo: “The two options are being considered,” reported from the municipal government. In Vilagarcía, although they have to do it in motion, there will still be “modifications that will be announced in the next few days” with respect to the parade.

The new restrictions and recommendations of the clinical committee, however, have not sat well in most Galician cities: “We are not taken into account,” they assure from Lugo, while in Pontevedra, da Silva charges against the Xunta for the scarce communication and lack of foresight of the autonomous administration: “We found out from the media, and there are no clear protocols,” he declared this Wednesday. The mayor of La Coruña, for her part, declared that “the measures adopted generate uncertainty and greater insecurity” and believes that they are “iinconsistent, contradictory and improvised».

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