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The Civil Guard indicates how to act if you get trapped in a snowstorm with the car




If we have been unlucky enough to get ‘stuck’ on a road due to the intensity of the snow, it is not advisable to get out of the vehicle or turn off the engine in the first place. You have to keep it on and with the heating running. Although easier said than done, try to stay calm. Sooner or later snow plows or the Civil Guard of Traffic will come to the rescuee, and, therefore, they also help us to know how to act:

Likewise, while we wait, we must keep an eye on the exhaust pipe from time to time, ensuring that it does not become clogged with accumulated snow. Every so often, a half hour or so, we can open the doors or windows of the car for a few seconds to oxygenate the interior of the vehicle.

We must avoid falling asleep, and we must drink water and listen to the radio to follow possible instructions. Before reaching this point, if we have to take the car out of necessity, it would be advisable to know the state of the road on which we are going to circulate before starting any type of trip. If the conditions are very difficult it is always better to postpone it.

If in spite of everything we decide to go on the road, it is advisable to stock up with some items such as warm clothes, water, some food and a flashlight (it should always be carried). In addition, to carry a mobile and if we have, the car charger or an auxiliary battery.

Although it is never good to carry the tank very empty, in winter it is convenient to take it as full as possible. If we get stranded, it is a source of heat (the car’s heater). Also, if we have a diesel car and we are going to leave it standing for a few days in a very cold area (this is for skiers), it would be convenient to add about half a liter of gasoline to the tank. Nothing is going to happen to it and since gasoline does not freeze we will prevent the diesel from freezing and leaving us stranded.

Clear windows of snow and ice. If we are going to take the car and it is covered with snow, it is not advisable to use hot water since the difference in temperature could break the glass. It is best to use the typical scraper and if the windows fog up, oddly enough, it is best to put the air conditioning on for a few seconds.

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