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The decarbonisation plan will leave Arcelor’s Asturian workforce at 4,000 employees

The decarbonisation plan that ArcelorMittal will undertake to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions will bring about a workforce cut that, according to the first calculations of the unions, will be around a thousand workers and will leave the workforce at 4,000 troops.

The accounts are as follows. According to the latest balance that the multinational provided to the unions, they were working at the Asturian plants at the end of September 5,033 people, from them 4,756 with permanent contracts. From that figure, the representatives of the centrals clarify, it would be necessary to discount the 176 eventual that at that time they were covering vacations and that they have already left the company. Continuing with the subtractions, in the coming years, decarbonization will reduce between 800 and 1,000 jobs to the steelmaker’s workforce. Total: there will be about 4,000 jobs left, unprecedentedly low numbers.

So far the company is very cautious with these figures. Just a week ago, during one of the meetings that the management held with the unions about the decarbonisation plan – except with CC OO, which refuses to participate in these meetings -, it alleged that it continued to do accounts on the personnel who will need the future electric oven and the iron reduction plant (DRI) to be built in Veriña (Gijón). For now, Arcelor has limited itself to recognizing in those meetings that the cut will be less than the number of jobs in the workshops that are going to close. Among them, one of the two blast furnaces in Gijón and the sinter. A new meeting on the decarbonization plan is scheduled for today in which the unions hope that the management will reel off those numbers and go into more detail about how the workforce can be in Asturias. The company has specified that it is going to implement recycling programs for staff, since the changes will not only be in facilities, but also the way of working will vary. ArcelorMittal is also considering offering transfers to the group’s Basque facilities, which will benefit from the decarbonization process with a notable increase in activity.

The management has detailed that, with the decarbonization process, the production of Asturian plants will be reduced by almost a million tons, although the accounts of the unions suggest that the cut could be even greater. According to his calculations, it would be around 1.2 million tons.

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More in the short term, Arcelor plans to open the negotiation to try to extend the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) that has been open for years in its Asturian facilities and which it pulls every time the workload weakens. The file expires on December 31. In 2021 the company has used ERTE very little. He does not need it. His order-book It is full and the activity of the Asturian workshops is at the top of its capacity. So much so that, according to the latest figures that the company gave to the unions, in October and November it was only necessary to regulate 64 workers. And the vast majority of them (52) were employees who had passed the 61 years.

On the other hand, the multinational’s Gijón coke battery workforce is called upon to go on strike for eleven days throughout the month of January in protest against security protocols and exposure to certain chemical products. They denounce that such risk is produced by failures in the design of this installation.

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