Thursday, September 29

The leaders who contribute to making a better country go through the set of the Investment Strategies Exchange

Protagonistas does not look for the quick and incisive headline, on a question that may be obsolete in a short time. In Strategies we want to remember, first of all, many of the good things that have been done in Spain, something that, in this very cainite country, always tends to be forgotten. But our country has a not inconsiderable economic path and it must be remembered, so that the future is even better.

That is the second great objective of Protagonistas: to surface ideas and proposals for the future, on the side of talent and experience, in a time as complex as the current one, with technology and globalization already upon us, changing the model of society that we have. .

In these months they have passed through Protagonistas, Manuel Pizarro, current member of the board of the Ibercaja Foundation and former president of Endesa, CECA, Ibersecurities or Ibercaja itself; Antón Pradera, president of CIE Automotive and Dominion; Carlos Tusquets, founder of Fibanc, president of Mediolanum and one of the people who has done the most for the development of the financial and savings industry in Spain; Pedro Guerrero, president of Bankinter and former founder of AB Asesores; Eduardo Baviera, president of Clínica Baviera; Santiago de Torres, president of Atrys Health and an eminence in the healthcare world and with experience in the technology company; Ignacio Garralda, current president of Mutua Madrileña and another of the founders of AB Asesores; Silvio González, CEO of Atresmedia and Gabriel Escarrer, Executive Vice President and CEO of Meliá Hotels -which will be published the first week of January-.

The project will continue, giving space to entrepreneurs who have excelled in launching projects of value, generating employment and wealth. That they have clearly been net contributors to well-being.

People clearly on the positive side of the balance sheet. In times like these, it is more necessary than knowing your talent background and thinking.

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