Sunday, October 2

The two men found dead in a bar in Parla were stabbed to death and not by an explosion




The National Police rule out that the two bodies found yesterday in a bar in Parla lost their lives due to an explosion in the kitchen and maintains violent death as the main line of investigation. The two victims are the owner of the premises, a 62-year-old Spaniard; and a neighbor of the area, of the same nationality and 52 years old. According to the first indications, the two men would have been stabbed, although it will be the result of the autopsies the one that determines the exact causes of both deaths.

The discovery took place around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when a worker from an annexed establishment to the La Espuela fry, at number 21 of the street of Guadalajara, alerted to the Police that something strange had happened inside.

At first it was considered that the possibility that a small explosion in the kitchen had caused the tragic event; a circumstance that was ruled out almost immediately.

This morning, the witness assured in an interview on Antena 3 that the bar “I had no gas” and that, therefore, “I did not believe that an explosion had occurred.” “The door was ajar and I saw a person lying down,” he specified.

A patrol rushed there and forced entry, running into the two corpses inside, numerous scattered crystals and a strong burning smell. Later, agents of the Judicial and Scientific Police arrived, who inspected the violent scene in search of possible clues.

The bodies could have remained in the bar for hours, so everything indicates that the deadly attack took place the night before, with the establishment closed to the public. At the moment, the specific circumstances of the alleged deflagration are unknown, which was not noticed by the neighbors.

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