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Be informed about the latest news today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to all readers who want it, the best summary of the Wednesday, December 29 right here:

Biden asks Congress not to impede the transfer of Guantanamo inmates

Joe Biden signed this week the National Defense Authorization Law, the annual budget law for Defense, with items of 770,000 million dollars that include a 2.7% increase in the salaries of members of the Army. This budget is one of the few things that has the support of the two great parties at a time of great political polarization, but, in his signature, the president of EE.UU. protested that the law stands in the way of an old Democratic promise: to close the military prison of Guantánamo, at the US base

in the bay of Cuba with that name, which houses detainees by the US Army during the ‘war on terror’ unleashed after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Guaidó renews as interim president of Venezuela despite the fracture of the opposition

In 2022 Juan Guaidó will remain as leader of the opposition Parliament and as Acting President for the fourth year in a row. The Venezuelan leader was ratified in his two positions, after the first extraordinary meeting that Parliament held last Monday. The delegated commission of the National Assembly (AN), elected in 2015 by an opposition majority, approved the partial reform of the Transitional Statute, a constitutional instrument, which gives continuity to Guaidó in his functions as well as to Parliament. In the vote of the first meeting of the delegate commission, political organizations such as Fracción 16J, Encuentro Ciudadano and Causa R voted in favor of Guaidó, and they even consider that the bill presented limits the functions of the president in charge. The second discussion will take place on December 30, and in theory, the reform of the statute should be ready before next January 4, the date on which the renewal of the position and its inauguration are planned.

Russia and the US will meet on January 10 in Geneva to try to reduce tension around Ukraine

The next day January 10, Russian and American representatives will hold the first meeting in Geneva convened at the request of the Kremlin to negotiate the “security guarantees” that Russia demands as a precondition a de-escalation of tensions on the border with Ukraine. These demands were presented by the Russian authorities on December 17.

France closes a mosque over the jihadist sermons of its imam

The prefecture of the department of the Oise, between Paris and Belgium, ordered on Tuesday the closure of the Great Mosque of Beauvais (56,800 inhabitants), a hundred kilometers from the French capital, where a radicalized imam, a supporter of jihad, the Islamic holy war against the West, the Christians, the Jews preached.

Philippe de Gaulle, the most famous centenary of France

Philippe de Gaulle (Paris, December 28, 1921) is the most famous centenary of France, it has the most legendary French surname of our time and publishes his ‘Memories’, an exceptional document called to become a political canon during the presidential election campaign in April.

Carmen de Carlos: The Malvinas Notebooks

The notebooks of the Falkland Islands, with the flag and map included, are part of the Christmas treat at the Embassy of Argentina in Madrid. Any date is good to insist on claiming before the world (in this case Spain) the sovereignty of the South Atlantic archipelago that cost the English and Argentines so much pain, sweat, tears and blood. The image printed on ‘the notebooks’ carries an eternal message, or almost, implicitly. Even if more than a hundred years have passed, we will not stop claiming the land that we consider ours. That said, choosing some ‘notebooks’ to remember their demands can also seem like a provocation or a perverse wink to the Justice that stalks the vice president and widow, Cristina Fernández.

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