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What saints are celebrated today? Discover the saints for Wednesday, December 29



Saint Thomas Becket It is celebrated today, Wednesday December 29, 2021 according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

From a wealthy London family, once he finished his law studies, Archbishop Canterbury Tybalt made him archdeacon. He managed to be royal chancellor in 1155, thanks to King Henry II. Tomás served him as a statesman, diplomat and military man. He also became Archbishop of Canterbury, at which point he began to dedicate himself body and soul to God and the Church. He decided to lead an austere and exemplary life, although not calm, because he fought with the king over the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastics. In 1170 he was assassinated in the cathedral.

On this Wednesday, December 29, 2021, the Catholic Church commemorates the saint of David the King.

Although today is known for Saint Thomas Becket and with which the Catholic religion pays tribute to 63,433 people in Spain.

Why do we commemorate the saint’s day from each person? This tradition comes from the Christian faith and commemorates the life of a relevant person within the Christian faith who dedicated / gave his life to bring the Christian faith to people who needed it.

The saints that are celebrated today are collected in the Roman martyrology And that’s where they are officially extracted from. It is an encyclopedia that the Vatican is updating to include the canonizations that take place each year.

Today, Wednesday, December 29, 2021 there are many santos and saints that are commemorated on the occasion of this Christian tradition that is so intrinsic in our daily culture. Discover in ABC all the names of the saints that are celebrated today.

Today’s Santoral December 29

The saints are much broader for each day. Today it is not only Saint Thomas Becket we also celebrate the onomastics from:

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