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What’s the use of the 300-euro ring worn by millionaires like Will Smith or Larry Page, co-founder of Google

Apparently it is a simple ring gray in color, but is constructed of titanium, has an outer diamond coating and features a advanced measurement system inside. It is the Oura Ring, an exclusive wearable of Finnish origin that has managed to attract the attention of various millionaires; from Larry Page (Google), Steve Chen (Youtube), Kevin Lin (Twitch), athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Paul or actors like Will Smith.

What is this ring for? What do you have for these personalities to use? It is a device for monitoring sleep. Usually it is bracelets and watches that have this function, but Oura offers the same function in a more minimalist design. with own measurement algorithms.

Oura Ring, an exclusive tracker to monitor sleep

Ease of use is the feature that its users stand out the most. The first generation of the Oura Ring was slightly larger, in 2018 they launched a new model with more battery, precision and a more minimalist design, difficult to distinguish with the naked eye from a normal ring.

In October 2021, they have finally submitted a third generation with three times more sensors.

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It has been view Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, wearing an Oura Ring in his left hand. The former CEO of Alphabet does not appear among the list of investors of the company, but he is seen betting on this ring that has a price of $ 299 in its black or silver version or up to $ 999 in the version with diamonds.

319 euros in the European version, available in silver, black, matte black and gold and with a new membership of 5.99 euros per month with full access to a dedicated application.

Finnish origin

Oura Health is a company founded by five Finns, including Petteri Lahtela and Kari Kivelä, in 2013. According to describes the company itself, have the “most accurate sleep monitoring technology, through two infrared LEDs that measure the pulse of the arteries of the finger, an accelerometer, a gyroscope that detects direction and intensity and a NTC temperature sensor“. An advanced sleep monitoring system that is linked via Bluetooth with a mobile application (Android and iOS).

Oura Ring

The ring features wireless charging and autonomy of one weekIt is also resistant to water and with enough memory to store “up to 6 weeks of data”. In the third generation, the Oura ring promises to be fully charged in 20 to 80 minutes.

Like brands such as Fitbit, Oura has a dedicated application in which users can receive advice to improve their sleep, with recommendations from professional athletes and a medical database.

From the founder of YouTube to that of Twitch are among its investors

Oura App

A end of 2018, Oura announced that they were already available in 100 countries and had achieved a investment of up to $ 20 million, with an unknown valuation. Its investors include Michael Dell’s MSD Capital, as well as co-founders of well-known services such as Youtube, Switch, Skype,, Oak or Soylent.

A funding round that also includes athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmy Johnson, Lance Armstrong and Manu Ginobili who have helped popularize the ring. The exclusivity of the Oura Ring is not only based on its price, but also on the low availability to buy it.

Oura Oro

Their own exclusivity has led them to launch a limited edition gold plated. “Requested” by users, according to the Oura Ring itself.

In mid-2020, the NBA was promoting its use among players to help monitor sleep and, thanks to its NTC temperature sensor, help control the coronavirus.

The NBA will recommend players to wear the ring

Oura Ring Harry

Another of the personalities that has been seen publicly with the Oura Ring and is one of its most recognizable ambassadors is the retired Prince Harry of England, who generated an intense debate until the revista People confirmed that it is this “biotracker”, a trend within the wearable sector that consists of improving physical health through multiple sensors and algorithms such as those of the Oura Ring.

In May 2021, Oura announced a $ 100 million Series C in which pointed to a valuation of about $ 800 million, at the same time that it pointed to sales of about 500,000 rings. Not bad for what is apparently a simple ring.

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