Tuesday, July 5

A man arrested for the murder of two people in a bar in Parla




The National Police arrested this Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m., a man allegedly implicated in the double crime of the La Espuela fryer, a bar located at 21 Calle de Guadalajara, in the town of Parla. The arrested man is a 52-year-old man of Spanish nationality, with no prior record, according to police sources reported to ABC.

The macabre event took place this Monday night, although the discovery of the corpses It did not occur until early Tuesday afternoon. It was a waiter from a nearby restaurant who sounded the alarm when he observed that inside the fryer there were broken glass, blood stains and a lying body

on the floor.

When the first agents arrived at the premises, and after forcing entry, they came across the two lifeless bodies: that of Rubén -owner of the bar, a 62-year-old Spaniard- and that of a friend, known as El Maño, also Spanish and of 52. The victims had multiple stab wounds. One of them, as reported by this newspaper, died degollada behind the bar and the other had a severe stab in the side and several blows to the body and head, caused, predictably, by some kitchen knives and scissors stained with blood that were found inside the establishment.

However, the autopsy -which is being carried out at the Valdebebas Institute of Legal Medicine- will be in charge of determining the exact causes of the deaths. Due to the numerous stab wounds, the agents of Group VI of Homicides, in charge of the investigation, are working with the hypotheses of a possible reckoning as a motive for the crime or a prior discussion. No theory is ruled out.

Thus, what is clear is that the first information, which pointed to a kitchen blast, are discarded. Residents in that building did not hear or feel any deflagration or smell of gas or burning. In addition, the Firefighters of the Community of Madrid who came to the enclave made the appropriate measurements after discovering the bodies and determined that there had been no deflagration.

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