Tuesday, July 5

Almeida will appeal the “joke” of the 1.5 million that the Government will give to Madrid for Filomena




The City of Madrid the “joke” of the almost 1.5 million euros for the damage of the storm will recur Philomena authorized by the central government compared to the 60 spent by the Consistory in contracts, has announced the delegate of the Treasury, Engracia Hidalgo.

“The amount to be received for the expenses that the City Council faced for emergencies in Filomena is 1.5 million, when we spend 60 million on contracts,” Hidalgo described after meeting this morning with the Government Delegation.

The Madrid councilor has questioned that no one can believe that 1.5 million can cover the costs of “opening schools, opening hospitals, cutting down trees, removing logs that had fallen on the streets and taking the necessary security measures. to a normal life.

Those 1.5 million are “almost a joke” for the head of the Treasury. “We are going to prepare the necessary studies to appeal this resolution because it shows the little interest that the Government and Pedro Sánchez generate in the difficulties that the people of Madrid are experiencing at that time,” he lamented.

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