Monday, July 4

CaixaBank: A change in trend begins

The price of Caixabank It has been rebounding since last December 20, it has broken several resistances (1) the short-term bearish guideline dotted in gray, (2) the last previous decreasing maximum located at 2,398 euros in a daily close, (3) the moving average 40-period simple, which would go from resistance to being a support zone in the future.

The next resistance levels are located at 2,537 euros, 2,778 euros and annual highs 2,877 euros per share.

The MACD oscillator expresses bullish divergence, favoring the long side in the short term.

There is a large double bottom figure whose bullish objective is still pending and we can estimate towards levels of 2.89 euros per share.

CaixaBank on daily chart with average width range (upper central window), MACD (lower central window) and trading volume (lower window)

CaixaBank on a daily chart with a medium and long-term analysis template.

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