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China vetoes youth with tattoos from its national team



Carries China almost twenty years without going to a World Cup –Their last participation was in Japan and Korea 2002-, and even so it seems that the authorities’ greatest concern is not to raise the level of their football but rather that their players set the example desired by the country’s government. The last order of the leaders vetoes tattoos among the players of the soccer team, which he urges to eliminate or cover them while they are part of the team. At the same time, it prohibits the call for the lower categories of young people and children who wear a drawing on their body, nipping at the roots the illusions and dreams of many of them.

«To those footballers who already have tattoos they are advised to have them erased and if not, they must be covered during training sessions and national team matches, “explained a recent statement released by the China Sports Administration.

An order that fully affects many of the national team’s players, such as Zhang Xizhe o Zhang Linpeng, who have sometimes been seen covering their tattoos with bandages during matches.

The country’s conservative society frowns on this practice, so common in many parts of the world, which has been gaining adherents in recent years among young people in large Chinese cities. To stop it, in addition to issuing this order that could also affect other sports, the Chinese government plans to carry out an education campaign in schools, trying to indoctrinate young people with more traditional values ​​and away from the trends that come from the West.

The new coach, Li Xiaopeng, will have to deal with this circumstance in its first call, scheduled for just a few weeks from now, when China will face Japan and Vietnam in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. With no options to be in the Qatari event, the duels will serve to form the base that will fight to reach the next World Cup.

Indoctrinate the young

A base on which there will be no tattooed youth, since their presence in the U-20 team and in the lower categories has been expressly prohibited in the ministerial order. They have made this known to the heads of the different national teams, in a clear message for the most promising players in the country. It is no longer worth just playing wellInstead, to go to the selection you have to follow the Government’s guidelines.

Zhang Linpeng, national team player with tattooed arms
Zhang Linpeng, national team player with tattooed arms

It is not the first time that China has carried out a crusade against tattoos, as the body of David Beckham it appeared almost entirely pixelated in a documentary broadcast on public television.

In the majority social network of the country, Weibo, the criticisms made to measure have not been long in coming. Many fans wonder if this is more important than finding a way to raise the level of soccer in the country. “Should we choose between a good player or a saint?” Some ask.

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