Friday, July 1

ERC demands “tangible steps” from Sánchez at the next meeting of the dialogue table




The deputy general secretary and spokesperson for ERC, Marta Vilalta, has demanded that the Government take “tangible steps” in the next meeting of the so-called “dialogue table” between the Executive and the Generalitat. The Republicans want the appointment, which still does not have a set date, to serve to advance the claims of the Government of Pere Aragonès, basically “Self-determination and amnesty”.

“We are working so that there can be tangible steps in the process of resolving the conflict,” defended the ERC leader in an interview published today by the newspaper “Ara”. Vilalta, added that they are currently working on “With the utmost discretion” with the aim that in the next meeting there may be steps that “show that progress is being made”, although it has not given further details.

On the words of Aragonés in the end of speech YearThe, who opted to start looking for alternatives if the dialogue table did not advance, the Republican has warned that, despite the fact that their bet is to negotiate with the State, they do not renounce any democratic way to reach independence. “If the negotiation path does not take us where we want to go, we will keep trying,” it turned out before asking Junts for a “compromise” with the table.

Asked about the question of trust to which the president of the Generalitat mid-term – an ERC agreement with the CUP in exchange for his inauguration – the spokesperson said that this clause “loses meaning” after the anti-establishment rejection of the Catalan budgets for 2022. However, she has reached out to the anti-capitalist formation pointing out. “We were meeting and evaluating the course of the legislature.”

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