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Europe will investigate Iván Redondo’s meeting with Catalan businessmen on European funds




When more than a year ago he met with a small group of Catalan businessmen, Iván Redondo, the then all-powerful Chief of Staff of Pedro SánchezHe did not think that this appointment would not reach a Spanish court, but even the European Prosecutor’s Office itself, the body that began to function last summer to investigate crimes of fraud and corruption against the economic interests of the EU.

Well, both things have already occurred after the Provincial Court of Barcelona endorsed last week the decision of the Court of Instruction Number 1 of the Catalan capital of refer a part of the Voloh case to that European Public Prosecutor’s Office, as the case brought by Judge Joaquín Aguirre against some thirty former high-ranking secessionists accused of illegally financing the ‘procés’ through public funds is called.

One of them is David Madí, a kind of Iván Redondo of the former Catalan president Artur Mas and advisor to the escaped Puigdemont. The same one who was part of that small group of Catalan businessmen with whom Sánchez’s chief of staff met in September 2020 to advance details about the Next Generation funds, as the 140,000 million that the EU is going to allocate to Spain are known. to relaunch the national economy after the coronavirus crisis.

Three weeks after attending that meeting, David Madí contacted Joan Ferran Oliva, manager of a consulting company and his family member, by phone to share with him the details of that millionaire program that Sánchez’s guru had advanced to a select group of the Catalan employer’s association, Fomento del Trabajo, of which he himself is a member. And to propose a business taking advantage of that information: look for companies that could be eligible for public tenders to be financed with those funds and charge them for each award obtained.

«Me vi con Foment [por Fomento del Trabajo], I am part of Foment, we had a small committee meeting with Iván Redondo; this It will be a black snack, they are 140,000 million», Madí literally said to his partner and family member in that conversation intervened by the Civil Guard in the framework of Operation Voloh.

In that conversation, Madí told Oliva how he planned to take advantage of the occasion with these companies and these funds: «The idea is to help them and channel them. That is, what we would have to do is: ‘hey, listen, we will provide you with projects for you to present’ and then we will talk with them, how you want them, how we have to present it … ». In return, he proposed to charge a fixed amount for each award obtained: “I think the business is in a discreet ‘success fee’ to help them present projects.”

This recording and other proceedings related to the meeting of Iván Redondo in which Madí was present is what the head of the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre, decided last summer to transfer the European Prosecutor’s Office to investigate whether behind everything it could have a crime of diversion of community funds. The Spanish Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the defense of Madí himself opposed this decision of the investigating judge, so the case reached the Barcelona Court, which on the 23rd gave the reason to the latter.

Endorsement to the instructor

This Provincial Court understands that the investigating court is competent to transfer that part of the Voloh case to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and also applauds that it did so as soon as it became aware of it “in light of the suspicion that the investigated could arrange with his interlocutor to obtain European subsidies with the intention of defrauding». Not in vain, recalls the Hearing of Barcelona, ​​David Madí has ​​been accused by that same investigating court since October 2020 precisely for allegedly diverting public funds to illegally finance the secessionist process.

Iván Redondo starred in this meeting because at the beginning of that year 2020 the Monitoring Unit of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan was created, the same by which the Government of Spain manages and awards these European funds. This department is attached to the General Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Presidency of the Government, which depends in turn on the Chief of Staff, that is to say, at that moment of the own Redondo ,.

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