Wednesday, September 28

How lucky we are



Pedro Sánchez has already reached the presidency with the inoculated La Moncloa syndrome, so much were his desire for Falcon and Marismillas. Only someone very ill with power can appear before the public to tell them that they have been lucky enough to suffer a pandemic (with tens or hundreds of thousands of deaths), because that pandemic “has not been a brake but an accelerator of the modernization of Spain ». All because before they threw Rajoy’s mattress into the container. The truth is that the pandemic has not been a brake, in effect, it has been a catastrophe: our economy is the one that has fallen the most in the euro zone and the one that recovers the least. Where our six foot Napoleon sees

accelerators, only social democratic shortages appear. This is going very slowly, while the Government boasts of pandemics, deaths, opportunities and transparency. The same ones that prevented the press from doing their job during the confinement and that yesterday only allowed questions to six government media outlets.

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