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Italy eliminates quarantine for people with three vaccines and reduces stadium capacity to 50 percent

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In a dramatic day for Italy, in which it almost reached 100,000 new infections, a record during the pandemic, the government approves new measures against Covid, which in practice mean an undeclared confinement to anti-vaccines. The Executive of Mario Draghi approved last night, not without tension, the mandatory nature of the ‘Covid super passport’, which is granted only to those vaccinated, for all activities in which until now it was only necessary to present a rapid negative antigen test.

That health certificate, which only the vaccinated and those who are cured of the coronavirus obtain, It will be necessary from January 10 to March 31 to travel by any means of public transport, go to a restaurant, a hotel, participate in any ceremony, attend a congress, cultural and recreational centers, team sports or go to closed premises such as theaters, cinemas and museums.

The new government decree also reduces the capacity in stadiums to 50%, while in closed sports venues it is limited to a maximum of 35%.

New quarantines

The Executive also adopted new rules for quarantine. Isolation has been removed for those vaccinated with three doses and who come into contact with a Covid-positive person, but they will have to wear the Ffp2 masks for a week. The government will impose a maximum sale price for these masks – currently in pharmacies they cost around 2 euros – because they are mandatory in most places. For the not vaccinated, the quarantine will remain for ten days, as usual. The elimination of the isolation of those vaccinated with three doses is adopted, at the request especially of the presidents of the regions, to avoid that the Omicron variant, due to the speed of its spread, paralyzes Italy, with serious economic repercussions.

The measures were adopted with certain tensions between the government parties of national unity, made up of all political forces except Brothers of Italy. Some parties, especially the League, were not in favor of the harsh restrictions. Mario Draghi acted as mediator, but new rules will be imposed in the coming days. For example, the Democratic Party, calls for mandatory vaccination. Mario Draghi does not rule it out. The prime minister has promised that at least for all workers – 25 million people – the vaccine will be compulsory. Only after listening to the technical scientific committee and the presidents of the regions, the government was able to approve the new measures on Wednesday night, after a long council of ministers.

Taking into account the concern with which the country is experiencing the Omicron variant tsunami, Italians have viewed with concern the tension and division registered in government, when adopting urgent measures. It is considered that it has not been a good letter of introduction to the decisive test that political parties must face: The election of the new President of the Republic, to replace Sergio Mattarella on February 3, which concludes his seven-year tenure as tenant of the palace of the Quirinal.

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