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Marta Ortega and the advantages of blood, according to ‘Financial Times’

“Investors fear that bosses chosen for their DNA rather than their MBAs may lack intelligence or the drive to do a good job,” reflects the British newspaper. Financial Times, in an article that argues that this fear that caused the price of Inditex to fall a month ago is totally unfounded, since keeping the heirs at the helm of the company is, according to their criteria, an ingredient of long-term success in large family businesses. The renowned business publication breaks a spear by the president of the Coruña textile group and defends that “it is to be expected that Marta Ortega show that, under your leadership, Inditex belongs to the same trustworthy group ”.

Inditex announced just a month ago the replacement in its leadership, with the founder’s youngest daughter as non-executive president as of April 1. Óscar García Maceiras At that time, he became CEO, a position that he currently holds together with Pablo Isla, who on March 31 will leave the presidency and end 17 years in Amancio Ortega’s company.

The future president of Inditex He took a step forward last September when he surprised with what to date is the only interview he has ever given – his father has not given any. He chose an American medium, the magazine of The Wall Street Journal, the bible of economic journalism, and advanced that it was willing to occupy the place that the company required for it: “I will be where Inditex needs me most.” Two months later, the group revealed that it will be president. Like any change, the announcement caused some concern in the Stock Market, which reacted that day with a 6.1% fall in shares, but the price recovered 4.53% the next. The price has remained in this month.

More stable over time

Now it is another economic medium, this time British, which endorses Marta Ortega’s ability to take the helm of Inditex. And it is precisely stability that stands out the most. Financial Times in this generational handover. The article published this week defends that family businesses that keep people from the founding family in the presidency are more stable over time.

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The text praises the virtues of Marta Ortega, that in addition to being the daughter of Amancio Ortega —The only one from her second marriage, with Flora Pérez Marcote– has focused his training and career on playing a relevant role in Inditex.

Marta Ortega She has a degree in Business Administration and specialized in international entrepreneurship from the European Business School de Londres. As she herself remembered in her conversation with The Wall Street Journal MagazineShe started working at Inditex as a shop assistant in a London store. 15 years ago. Since then he has held positions of responsibility. The last one, in the direction of design and product development of Zara Woman. In three months he will occupy the throne of the family business.

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