Monday, July 4

Mass dismissal at Alu Ibérica: insolvency administrators fire all workers

The end of the aluminum crisis go through the massive dismissal of all the workers of the Asturian company Alu Ibérica. This, an employment regulation, is what the bankruptcy administrators to the representatives of the workers in a meeting that was held this morning and that served to give the finishing touch to a fight for a future that began at the end of 2018.

The bankruptcy administrators, the team that governs the lawyer Miguel Gómez Gordillo, They took over the accounts of Alu Ibérica on December 13 and since then they have sought a solution to the hole left by the management investigated by the factory owners –David Domenech and Alexandra Camacho, both indicted by the National High Court in the case of fraudulent decapitalization of the alumina of Avilés-.

Bankruptcy administrators they have found the coffers absolutely empty. They tried to make money selling scrap metal and copper, but the result of that sale, does not manage to raise the underground reality in which the company finds itself. That is why they have presented the possibility of an ERE for termination of employment that would be activated immediately (after Reyes).

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The current managers of the plant, after the passing of the commercial entity Grupo Industrial Riesgo, have not received any offer for the acquisition of the company. What they have heard are approximations. And these approaches are linked to the sale of assets without the template.

The unions now have to assess the administrators’ proposal, which will leave Asturias without aluminum after almost eighty years.

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