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Oncology patients from Segovia will have access to Recoletas radiotherapy in January




The territorial delegate of the Board in Segovia, José Mazarías, I trust yesterday that the first oncological patient of the Public Health of the province could already receive the necessary radiotherapy treatment in the new unit of the Recoletas Hospital, in the first half of January. The president of AECC Segovia, Ana Sanjosé, elaborated a little more to emphasize that the commitment marked is that it be on Monday, January 10. The signing of the service contract is missing, which “will be formalized these days” and which is the step prior to the signing of the health agreement between both parties, reports Ical.

Mazarías explained that once the Nuclear Safety Council has authorized the installation of the Radiotherapy Service of this private hospital of the Recoletas business group, now the ball is in “the roof of the Board”.

The center already has health authorization and “you just have to make an extension of it.”

All parties noted that the number of cancer patients requiring radiotherapy treatment per year ranges between 350 and 400 people. Mazarías explained that the prices that the Ministry of Health pay are perfectly stipulated by decree and, therefore, are public.

In principle, the agreement with Recoletas is for all patients in the province, although it is still in force for a year, according to the president of the AECC in Segovia, the agreement to refer patients from the northeast area, from the towns of the mountains to the Community of Madrid. On this matter, Mazarías indicated that “at this moment, the benchmark is the Recoletas Hospital.”

Regarding the time of provision of the service for Sacyl patients, the territorial delegate remarked that “it will be done the same as with other agreements that have been made with other private entities with this and with other treatments,” which is done with a period of time “renewable as long as the service cannot be provided in our city.” Which means that “As soon as we have our linear accelerator, we will suspend the agreement with Recoletas.”

For its part, Ana Sanjosé pointed out that today we are “before a milestone” for which we Segovians have been “fighting” for many years.. The responsible AECC Segovia also pointed out, regarding the beginning of the treatments in the Recoletas unit, that the change in the Ministry of Health has influenced – before in the hands of Verónica Casado and now, in those of Alejandro Vázquez – after the rupture of PP and Cs. “The person who has to sign it has changed and we are waiting for him to do so in a moment,” he said.

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