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Phemex celebrates its second anniversary by giving away USD 200,000 in prizes

Key facts:
  • The prizes come in the form of Energy Chests with trading bonuses and discounts on contracts.

  • Participants will be able to open up to three Energy Chests each day during the event.

It’s been an eventful couple of years since it was founded Phemex in 2019. As part of its 2nd anniversary celebrations, Singapore’s global cryptocurrency platform lets you have fun participating in this event. Phemex is quite familiar with creating cool events and giveaways for its community, having recently hosted a trading contest with a prize of over $ 750,000.

In addition to its extensive Christmas campaign, which distributes $ 120,000 in holiday gifts, Phemex is also distributing daily prizes from a pool of $ 200,000 to celebrate its second anniversary with the Energy Crates campaign. These awards come in the form of Energy Chests, which will contain giveaways ranging from trading bonuses and contract discounts to themed merchandise and free premium memberships. You will want to open these boxes.

Gifting season has arrived and Phemex is giving away these boxes. The Energy Chests event It will run for three weeks starting December 24, so tell your friends and sign up now. Also, if you share the event on social media, your chances of opening a winning box increase: the more the better.

2nd Anniversary Power Chests

Participants will be able to open up to three Energy Chests each day during the event. Each box can hold great gifts and opening and claiming these rewards is completely free. The winnings from the boxes will accumulate and users will be able to see them on the event home page.

Users must complete the KYC process from the platform before you can claim and use the rewards. For more details on how to complete the KYC process on the platform, see the Phemex user guide on this topic.

Although users can open up to three boxes per day, not all boxes guarantee a prize. However, participants who share the event on social media will have a better chance of getting winning boxes. As the event lasts three weeks, participants will be able to open up to 63 boxes during the campaign.

The prizes obtained will appear on the landing page until January 13, 2022, the closing date of the event, but the prizes will remain even after the event ends. A total of $ 200,000 in prizes will be awarded, with boxes containing different types of rewards.

Of the various prizes that users can win, some are discounts on the contract trading, which can be very useful for those who regularly trade cryptocurrencies or perpetual contracts on margin. Phemex recently presented its the future forever inverted ETHUSD, So this would be a great time to check out that trading pair!

Other boxes contain trading bonuses, which give users an extra edge when trading the market. Some lucky participants may win access to Phemex’s premium membership, which is very lucrative for the traders of the day, since it guarantees the free trading on all spot market orders.

Get to know your community

To participate in the event, users must be registered on the Phemex platform. Non-KYC accounts can participate, but will only be able to access the rewards after completing the KYC verification. Also, participating accounts cannot be blocked or frozen.

The prizes will be distributed among the trading accounts of the users. For example, discounts on contracts will be applied to users’ trading accounts, while spot trading bonuses will be applied to their spot accounts.

Premium rewards can be activated through the affiliate page Premium de Phemex and only main accounts can participate. Users who create more than one account using multiple email addresses in the hope of receiving multiple bonuses will be disqualified. Accounts that are considered cheating will not be able to use the exchange platform.

Although fraudulent transactions can occur, the blockchain was not designed to allow them. As hackers and scammers get better at using technology for illicit activities, blockchain platforms must introduce better rules to keep user funds safe, and this is where KYC can help.

Phemex It has evolved remarkably in just two years, expanding its offer from just three pairs of contracts to almost 40 pairs of spot and contract trading and accumulating close to 2 million users worldwide. Today, the exchange platform is among the top 10 derivatives trading platforms globally and fully complies with regulatory requirements, including KYC and AML protocols (Anti-Money Laundering).

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