Thursday, September 29

Romania also rebels and rejects a rule of the EU Court of Justice

Correspondent in Berlin



The Constitutional Court of Romania has ruled that the ruling handed down last week by the Court of Justice of the European Union, which urged Romanian courts to ignore the decisions of the highest national judicial body if they lead to systematic impunity in cases of corruption or concerning irregularities in the use of European funds, it cannot be applied until the Romanian Constitution is amended. Luxembourg insisted on the supremacy of European laws over the rulings of the Romanian Constitutional Court, which, however, in turn points out that for this to be possible a revision of the fundamental Romanian norm would be necessary.

The Court of Justice of the European Union thus responded to the consultations of several Romanian courts, before the annulment by the Constitutional Court for procedural reasons of several sentences against high-ranking officials for tax fraud and embezzlement.

The press accuses the president of the Romanian Constitutional Court, Valer Dorneanu, to protect former senior officials who have committed crimes of corruption. ‘The Constitutional Court does not represent Romania in its relations with the European Union. The communiqué is legally void and does not have any binding legal effect for any Romanian state authority or for any citizen “, has been the reaction of Iuliana Scântei, president of the Senate Legal Commission.

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