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Sánchez clings to Europe and sells restraint given the conviction that Casado’s leadership is weighing on the PP




The failed motion of censure in the Region of Murcia and the elections in the Community of Madrid opened a new political period that crystallized since May with polls in which the Popular Party surpassed the PSOE as the leading force. And he was in a position to govern with the support of Vox.

The Government closes the year verifying with optimism how those trends that reached their greatest impact in the summer have been corrected by reducing the advantage of the PP over the PSOE. All this in parallel to the internal disputes between Genoa and Puerta del Sol. In La Moncloa they also assure that they handle their own demographic data that indicate that since after the

summer the PSOE is again ahead in the polls. “And we are not referring to data from the CIS,” they clarify.

In the Government they dissect as follows the political board: the PSOE is a strong party with a consolidated leader, the PP is a strong brand with a weak leadership, Yolanda Diaz it is a strong leadership but it does not have a party. While Vox is a strong brand with solid leadership. And from that analysis this diagnosis is drawn: Yolanda Díaz is restless, annoyed, but at the moment she does not worry because the PSOE also needs that the United We can space be revitalized. While in the case of the PP it is considered that the figure of Pablo Casado It is a burden for the aspirations of the right to replace Sánchez: “Right now Vox is rising and the PP is losing a good part of the flow it achieved in summer,” they broadcast from La Moncloa.

Pedro Sánchez’s appearance yesterday at La Moncloa sheds light on a strategy worked out for a long time. But that is not at all a novelty in political tactics: raise the institutional character of the incumbent president against the applicant. It has been a constant in the approach of the Socialists since Sánchez carried out the changes in the Government and in the party to renew the spokespersons: the objective is to pierce the image of Casado as head of the opposition and presidential figure.

European funds and agreements with employers seek to lower the radical image of the Government and highlight the management

To the point that in their speeches the spokesmen of the socialist fabric appeal to the “responsibility” and “sense of State” of the PP prior to the arrival of Pablo Casado. Without the record in the newspaper archive at what point in the mandate of Mariano Rajoy the Socialists manifested themselves in these positive terms towards the Popular Party. Everything is a strategy. The mark rises as it comes to say that Casado is not worthy of it. A strategy of opposition to the opposition that Sánchez has been practicing since he was president but that at the moment is especially personalized in Pablo Casado.

Von der Leyen y Garamendi

The qualitative data that La Moncloa manages suggest that the idea of ​​”stability” is currently trading higher. This concept presides over Pedro Sánchez’s desire to exhaust the legislature. They consider in La Moncloa that when the moment comes, they will reward themselves for having managed to stabilize the legislature. All this permeates Sánchez’s speech, regardless of whether he, in the first person, was the protagonist of the disruptive events that marked Spanish politics between 2014 and 2019. “Common sense”, “balanced”, “trust” or “stability” were some of the the terms most used yesterday by the President of the Executive in his appearance at La Moncloa. The new government team took advantage of the departure of Iván Redondo to convey the idea that a government characterized by the coup d’état and very aware of the communicative impact of the strategy was being left behind by a new style in which the main asset that is wanted relocate is executive action.

The European Union’s endorsement of the Government’s reform plans and the sending of the first 10,000 million euros by the European Commission was something very celebrated in La Moncloa on December 3. The agreement for the labor reform incorporated into the business association together with the rest of the agreements signed during the pandemic also underpin Pedro Sánchez’s strategy for this second part of the mandate. Ursula Von der Leyen Y Antonio Garamendi they are brandished in La Moncloa as symbols of the Government’s actions. And as antidotes to the radical image that the PSOE drags behind the coalition with United We Can and, especially, after its solid alliance with ERC and Bildu. The collapse of Ciudadanos opens an electoral bag that in Moncloa they do not consider that it will automatically stop the PP as long as Casado is the leader and Vox is so strong in the polls. And in that space the next presidency will be played.

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