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Sánchez spends 484,000 euros on advertising to “instill optimism” in SMEs about the recovery plan




First time that the Government recognizes that European funds do not reach all companies. It does so in a public tender, still open, linked to the recovery plan. The assignment: an advertising campaign to sell the benefits of its transformation plan and convince SMEs and freelancers to decide to bid and present projects. Because to date, as the Executive admits, it has been detected that there is “room for improvement in the rate of request for funds.”

“The contract that is made on the basis of these specifications will be aimed at the creativity and production of an advertising and institutional communication campaign for the dissemination of the recovery plan”, reads the statement of

technical requirements of the tender. Estimated value of the contract, plus VAT: 484.000 euros. Almost half a million euros for a campaign that the Executive transmits that is “comprehensive” but within which relevant and expensive aspects are excluded.

The services to be provided are: “The creation and design, production, advice and all those communication actions carried out during the period of execution of the contract.” Said execution period is 35 days from the moment the contract is formalized, expected for March 25. However, as the specification recognizes, within all this does not include the purchase of spaces in the media and other advertising media to disseminate the campaign. In short, almost half a million euros for just “creativity”, and then another outlay, yet to be quantified, to place the propaganda.

Thus, the contract seeks to obtain «a creative concept», and even more abstract aspects: «It is about contributing to instill optimism and transfer a mental image of what Spain can become, if we all embark on this work together transformation ”. Likewise, the Government delves into its goals: «The objective of the advertising and communication campaign is to obtain a solid creative concept that effectively transmits the recovery, transformation and resilience plan to citizens, companies and the self-employed, encouraging them to find out about the plan and its opportunities and to present themselves to the calls of their interest ”. Later, the Executive affirms that “in particular” it is intended for SMEs and the self-employed to decide to request European funds.

“It is necessary to carry out a campaign that improves knowledge about the plan and encourages potential interested parties to greater participation,” says the statement. And he adds: “It is about contributing to instill optimism and transfer a mental image of what Spain can become”

It is also stated in the contract specifications that the advertising agency that is awarded must emphasize the message that not only do large projects transform the economy, but that community money is also intended for the self-employed and SMEs.

In the ‘mea culpa’ that the Government implicitly sings in terms of the scope of its recovery plan, they go a step further in the detail that appears in the memory of the contract. “This campaign aims to be a shock to society and raise to the category of common conversation something that only experts mention today,” says the document, referring to the fact that European funds are not in the minds of the entire productive fabric, which is more worrying even though the vast majority of Spanish companies are SMEs. “The campaign needs to attract attention to promote its spontaneous virality,” the text abounds.

The truth is that pessimism prevails among small and medium-sized companies over EU funds. In this sense, according to a recent survey of Cepyme, almost two out of every three SMEs estimate that they will not be able to participate in investments or receive European funds. The reasons: competitiveness problems, the costs faced by SMEs and over-indebtedness.

Another future contract

Also, this is just the initial outlay, and more will come later. “This campaign should take into account, when developing concepts, that in the future there will be another communication phase – not included in this contract – which, with the same objective of encouraging continued access to funds, will focus on giving to know real cases of success that serve as prescription and example. For this reason, the development potential of the campaign in this regard will be assessed “, states the statement.

Half a million euros, plus what it costs to buy spaces to place the campaign, plus another contract to publicize the success stories.

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