Monday, July 4

Telefónica dividend: the directors choose to be paid in shares

As the company has registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), most of the directors of Telefonica have decided to collect the dividend in shares by virtue of the options offered by the scrip dividend paid by the company on December 17. , according to EuropaPress.

In total, 10 of the 16 directors that make up the highest governance body of Telefónica have opted for this modality, with shares received the compensation of 0.148 euros.

For its part, Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete, CEO, has received a total of 73,198 shares by virtue of the shareholding he holds. Likewise, the CEO, Angel Vilá, has received a total of 18,817 company titles.

The rest of those ten directors who have spoken in favor of the collection in shares are:

  • Isidro Fainé, vice chairman of the board and director representing CriteriaCaixa, who has received 26,437 shares, while José María Abril, also vice chairman, has received 10,898 shares plus another 14,007 indirectly.
  • José Javier Echenique, vice president and coordinating director, has received 5,394 shares, to which are added another 2,251 indirectly.
  • The German director Peter Loscher has received 6,439, Javier de Paz 2,880, Peter Erskine 1,657, and the general secretary and of the council, Pablo Antonio de Carvajal, has received a total of 3,253 titles.

But there are those who have preferred to collect in cash, as is the case of Francisco Riberas, the largest investor with a presence on the board (he owns around 0.2%), who would have received the remuneration in cash, as he did in the past. month of June.

On December 17, 34.98% of Telefónica shareholders received the payment of 0.148 euros per share in cash corresponding to the operator’s dividend, which will pay out 291.8 million euros, leaving 65.02% of the number of holders who opt for the shares.

In this way, the percentage of shareholders who opt for the flexible dividend for non-monetary remuneration falls six percentage points compared to the June dividend, in which 71.4% opted in this way.

The next collection of the dividend from Telefónica will take place on next June for the same amount.

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