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The 100 montaditos changes its name: this is the name of the chain

The popular brewery chain with premises in Galicia and the rest of Spain, the 100 Montaditos, change name. This was recently announced by its creator, the Andalusian businessman José María Capitán. This new nomenclature will affect establishments already open and those that will open in the future.

The 100 Montaditos brewery was born in 2000 in Islantilla (Huelva). Since then he has had a increase exponential. It has more than 300 franchises in Spain and a hundred outside our borders. It is one of the most successful Spanish franchises and has recently opened a store in the Vialia complex in Vigo.

Incorporates Seville

The “father” of 100 Montaditos is the Sevillian businessman José María Capitán. It was he himself who announced a “rebranding“on the brand, which from now on will be called 100 Montaditos Sevilla Tapas.

“Seville is a universal city and covers one of the most famous words in the world “, Captain has argued about his decision, which will be adopted immediately,” both in the premises already open and in the new openings. “

varied offer

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The success of 100 Montaditos has been based on a varied gastronomic offer at very affordable prices. Restaurants combine great beer mugs for prices around the euro that can be accompanied by small tapas, served in sandwiches smaller than a flea, also for about one euro.

Although the first 100 Montaditos was born in 2000, the takeoff total of the company did not reach almost a decade later. It was then that the brand already had an important implantation, especially in the south and in the capital, Madrid, and began its international expantion, with bars in the United States or Portugal. Currently Italy with 56 establishments and Portugal and Mexico, with 18 each, are the ones that have more than 100 montaditos.

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