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The Madrid Parade will be only with 7,000 seats and without candy



The delegate for Culture of the Madrid City Council, Andrea Levy, has announced that this year the Madrid Parade will have more than 7000 seats, which will have to be reserved in advance. The recommendation from the City Council is that those who do not have a reserved seat, do not attend the tour in person and follow the event through the television broadcast, which will take place on Telemadrid and RTVE.

From Monday, January 3, starting at 11:00, seats in the stands can be reserved. Tickets can be downloaded free of charge and until the end of stocks on the web:, where a specific link will be enabled. Each user can reserve up to a maximum of four seats.

“The idea is to avoid crowds around the stands,” said Levy, who reiterated the recommendation that only those people who already have their ticket reserved attendAs this also “will reduce crowds in public transport.”

Likewise, in front of the Palacio de Cibeles there will be 2,000 reserved seats for the solidarity distribution. In this case, hospitalized children, foster children, people with disabilities and third sector associations will have priority to occupy these seats.

Without candy and with security reinforcement

Beyond the seated capacity, the Madrid City Council will implement other measures in order to preserve the safety of the people of Madrid. In the first place, a coordination center will be set up where those responsible for Security and Emergencies of the Madrid City Council will follow the evolution of the Parade in detail. In addition, the police force will be reinforced in areas where, traditionally, more public was concentrated, to remind them of the importance of wearing a mask and always maintaining a safe distance.

And, as a novelty, this year no candy will be thrown from the floats so that the safety distance between people is respected.

A ride “in normal conditions”

The Culture delegate explained that finally the usual route of the Parade will be maintained: the approximate three kilometers that comprise between Nuevos Ministerios and the Palacio de Cibeles. “We considered shortening the route, but it was not feasible,” said Andrea Levy. Thus, he recalled that from the City Council the priority and concern is to allow the Parade to take place under “normal conditions, but without ignoring the precautionary measures that appeal to everyone.”

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