Monday, July 4

The man accused of murdering his partner on Christmas Day is arrested in Elche




An old couple barricaded themselves at home and armed. The National Police has arrested this Thursday the man who was in search and capture for allegedly murdering his partner in the Alicante town of Elche, as reported by sources from the body itself on social networks.

The arrested he had barricaded himself this morning in a house with hostages inside after the siege deployed by the State Security Forces and Bodies after being located.

According to various media, he was carrying a firearm and came to make several shots against the agents that was part of the device deployed to locate him, without causing injuries.

The body of the young woman, 25 years old and a native of Paraguay, was found on December 25.

The Homicide Group of the Elche National Police opened an investigation and was looking for the victim’s partner, given that their first hypothesis is that it was a case of gender violence.

The woman He had a ten-year-old son and a three-year-old girl and his death is the 43rd so far this year due to gender violence.

On the other hand, the investigation procedures were assumed by the Elche investigating court on the day of the events, number 5.

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