Friday, July 1

The National Court allows the pro-ETA acts of this New Year’s Eve




As expected, the National Court (AN) has not prohibited the pro-ETA community from holding two separate events tomorrow in Pamplona and Mondragón (Guipúzcoa)in favor of ETA prisoners. This has been decided this afternoon by the head of the Court of Instruction Number 4 of the National Court (AN), José Luis Calama, in separate files in which he shares the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office of the AN itself.

And it does so, as the Prosecutor’s Office had already advanced yesterday, invoking the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court on the glorification of terrorism, according to which criminal jurisdiction can only prosecute crimes once they have been committed, not before, understanding that it cannot prohibit acts of these characteristics before it is ascertained whether there are situations liable to be punished.

For this and as the Prosecutor’s Office also requested yesterday, Judge Calama also urges the Security Forces and Bodies to closely follow the development of these two acts to avoid situations that may incur in glorification of terrorism, justification of terrorist crimes or humiliation of victims and their families. In the event that this occurs, the AN judge urges the agents to identify those involved and inform the court.

The Association Platform for the Support of Victims of Terrorism (Apavt) and Dignity and Justice had requested on Tuesday the AN itself to prevent the holding of both calls because they understand that they represent a clear example of exalting terrorism and humiliating the victims.

Not surprisingly, tomorrow the event in Pamplona will toast the ETA prisoners and the Mondragón was announced as a march in favor of three ETA members, including the most bloodthirsty in the entire history of ETA: Henri Parot, serving time for up to 39 murders.

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