Tuesday, July 5

The Nissan plant in Barcelona has a new owner: it is left to the group led by QEV Technologies to manufacture electric cars

The Nissan plant in Barcelona has a new owner. The reindustrialization commission of the Japanese manufacturer, made up of union representatives, public administrations and managers of the brand, has chosen the electric mobility group led by QEV Technologies to take over the Free Zone space, where will manufacture electric cars and various battery freight vehicles, as reported by the Japanese company in a note.

On the other hand, the negotiations between the Nissan centers in Sant Andreu de la Barca and Montcada i Reixac are well advanced with QEV Technologies itself and the Catalan electric vehicle manufacturer Silence, so the commission hopes to reach a global agreement very soon.

The members of the reindustrialization commission have validated the general lines of the plan of the group led by the company QEV Technologies and which was presented at the board meeting on December 17. The parties set themselves the goal of finding projects linked to the sustainable mobility sector for the future of the Nissan plant, a requirement that both the group led by QEV Technologies and Silence meet.

“All parties have verified that both projects meet the reindustrialization targets set by the commission ”, explains the commission of reindustralización of Nissan.

The plan proposed by QEV Technologies will occupy the two current production lines of Nissan in the Free Zone to produce various models of electric vehicles, although still it is not clear that they will need all the available space. Therefore, it is possible that some complementary projects will be incorporated, such as that of the Belgian company Punch, which was competing with QEV Technologies to keep the plant and that the commission maintains as a secondary option.


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