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The Office of the Prosecutor does not support prohibiting other pro-ETA acts such as that of Mondragón




Neither that of Pamplona, ​​nor that of Mondragón, nor any of the acts of support for ETA and the ETA members that the nationalist left will star tomorrow in numerous towns in the Basque Country and Navarra. The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has confirmed today the same position that it already advanced yesterday regarding all of them: must be allowed and therefore cannot be prohibited, as requested by different victims’ associations and the main opposition parties.

It was predictable after yesterday the same NA Prosecutor’s Office used that same argument about the toast called by the citizen platform in support of ETA prisoners, Sare, for tomorrow in Pamplona. Despite the fact that this act will be publicly offered to the health of individuals who are serving a sentence for crimes of blood, the Prosecutor’s Office understands that the mere summons and the characteristics of that act do not fit into the crime of exaltation. because they are not incited to commit terrorist acts.

And today it has been ratified in that thesis by extending it to other public tributes, such as the one scheduled for tomorrow in Mondragón, where Sare herself had called a demonstration with three ETA members as protagonists, including the most criminal in the entire history of ETA : Henri Parot, currently in prison after accumulating sentences that add up to more than 4,800 years in prison for 39 murders and more than 200 injuries.

Faced with the outcry of outrage caused by this call, the organizers have withdrawn the names of the three ETA members from the poster, but they maintain it despite the fact that the victims, different political parties and even the Government Delegation in the Basque Country have requested to be suspended.

The same criteria

Sources from the AN Prosecutor’s Office explain that they do not support the prohibition of the demonstration also called by Sare for January 8 in Bilbao, an appointment that is repeated every year to request the approach of ETA prisoners and their passage to the third degree, in the one who can already access parole and, therefore, go out on the street. Today the organizers have announced that, due to the pandemic, the Bilbao demonstration will be replaced by others in each town, reports Miriam Villamediana.

The same sources add that the criterion of the AN Prosecutor’s Office is the same in all these cases “as the characteristics of all of them coincide and, therefore, the same legal foundations being applied «that were already advanced yesterday over the one in Pamplona. In summary, that the Prosecutor’s Office does not support the prohibition of any of these pro-ETA acts. The last word is held by the National Court itself, to which the Association for the Support of the Victims of Terrorism (Apavt) and Dignity and Justice appealed to try to make Justice prevent those acts of tomorrow.

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