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The pizza maker who conquers the world from Tomelloso



More than three decades ago, Jesús Marquina ‘Marquinetti’ made his foray into the world of pizzas and, now, not only does he boast of having lifted up to five times the world championship of the discipline, but he is also a teacher of teachers (he imparts wisdom through his academy to pizzerias of all the world) and continues his legacy through ‘Kilometers of Pizza’, which has seven establishments between Madrid and Malaga.

The Tomelloso chef believes that the key that makes his pizzas special emerges from the combination of “science” and “art”, thinking about quality and quality. “The study of flours to make a light, digestible, healthy, cholesterol-free and total artisan dough is what differentiates them from others,” he says.

‘Marquinetti’ reveals that he was encouraged to compete to “improve the mass.” And he says that he did it for the first time in 1998: «I started when a friend of mine set up a pizzeria in Madrid, I was with him for a month and, as a result, I thought that this product had to be studied and improved further. From there I started studying, taking a course, talking to millers, I started taking courses in Italy and went from student to teacher ».

Asked if a pizzeria will ever get a Michelin star, he replies: “We have been close. What happens is that the Michelin star can create a problem for you because, if we won it, we would have to make the price of the product much more expensive, since you need more people and a chef. I prefer more people to come ».

In addition, her daughter has been runner-up in the world “and we are going to bring out the pizza with which she has triumphed.” And he adds: «We are the only pizzeria in Spain that has white truffle pizzas and we do it from the end of October to the end of December. We are always doing dough tests in the laboratory, with other fermentations and very light doughs. “

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